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Smoking Bee

I’ve been saving up this blog post for a rainy day.  I knew there would come a time when I didn’t have anything to shoot (because, literally…I don’t shoot on rainy days!) This is an anti-litter poster hanging in a hallway on the way to the vending machine at the newspaper where I work.  Soooo, […]

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With Memorial Day approaching, I certainly won’t bore you with my eighth grade essay writing of why I think it’s so important for us to reflect, remember and respect.  That goes for our veterans and our active heroes. I frequently pass this Veteran’s Park on my morning jogs.  I’m glad I do so because it […]

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Staring contest

I encounter some interesting things on my weekly drives from CT to CNY and back to CT.  More often than not, I’m lamenting about how I drove by a good photo-op but didn’t have time to stop the car and snap the shutter.  This time was different.  (Cue the screeching tire sound effects, car door […]

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