Friday Randoms, Vol. 35

Soooo… who is resolutioning droppin’ down resolutions these days? You know what I mean! It’s time for my random resolutions!

When I’m not photographing, I fancy myself a psychologist (not really, but I sure do a lot of self-diagnosing!). Anyway, I’ve been reading a ton about the psychology behind what stands in our way from reaching goals/resolutions. As it turns out, we (I) can easily state broad resolutions…what we (I) lack are clear, action-oriented steps to make said resolution happen.

For example, instead of “lose weight” or “exercise more,” the experts say to come up with a tangible step to GET IT DONE. As in, “Exercise every day for __ minutes.” So, with that in mind, I submit to you my official action-resolutions, posted on my refrigerator (you know it’s serious business when I put things near my food).


1.) I will run at least 1 mile, every day, for 100 days straight (thanks for inspiring me with your running streak idea, Mike!). I’m not going to worry about eating or how fast I go, I’m just going to get out there every day.

Day 10 950 bw-pola

2.) I will take 365 portraits this year to challenge myself. (This, surprisingly, has been harder than the running thing.)

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 6.25.47 PM-pola

3.) I will be more “social” on social media, logging in to Facebook and Twitter every single day. Because the world clearly needs more of my nonsense, damnit. (This, in actuality, will force me to put myself “out there” more)


4.) I will spend every day attacking at least one thing on my endless to do list, and, at one time during the year when it’s all crossed off, take a day to do nothing. (I haven’t watched a tv show since Caroline in the City…it’s bad, people)

5.) I will go to bed at a reasonable hour. (4 a.m. editing sessions, I am talking to YOU)

So what kind of goals are you all doing? I like the action-based initiative and will keep you posted!

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