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Where to even begin? It’s hard to convey the kind of warmth, kindness and radiance that flows from Christine, the owner of Faces of Astarte salon in Little Falls. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not as current on my profile pictures as I should be (and I preach about having a solid, up-to-date headshot for your small business…I DO in fact appreciate the irony, thank you!). I have worked with Christine before (she was the makeup artist for this phenomenal wedding) and I have seen the magic firsthand. But, a 20-something gorgeous bride is much different than a 30-something former lifeguard riddled with age spots. I arrived enthusiastic but skeptical, I have some serious sun damage. After Christine was done, to say I was astounded by what I saw in the mirror…well, you have no idea. The following photos are not Photoshopped (Please people, give me some credit, I’m posting a photo with no makeup on). I wanted to illustrate the type of flawless work Faces of Astarte is known for throughout central New York.

Erin Covey Creative

First hand proof of how fantastic this woman is, with zero editing. So check her out, like her on Facebook, and if you need hair, makeup or plain old pampering, she is your woman. There is just no one better. I often remind my headshot clients how important it is to get hair and makeup professionally done before your shoot. It elevates the photographs to a new level. NOW you see what I am preaching about!

While I was there I took some updated shots of the salone, you know, as I do. (Christine knows me well enough that I like to wander and take shots of pretty details, ha ha…she’s so gracious)

Erin Covey Creative

Did I mention she is gorgeous and fashionable? Yeah, so there’s that…

Erin Covey Creative

I love how cozy the salon is, the personal touches and the warmth of it all…

Erin Covey Creative

Christine is committed to organic and natural products, which is a huge benefit when you are putting products on something as important as your face!

Erin Covey Creative

Christine, there are no words. You are a genius! Thank you for being amazing, what a great day at Faces of Astarte!


Kim - I think you are stunning with no makeup and all but the polished look is real glamorous shot and one that certainly highlights all you have to offer. Looking good Cov!!

Christine - Was an amazingly fun day! Always enjoy our time together and always so amazed with Erin Covey Creative – girl you are THAT!
Yes update head shots are important in business <3

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