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Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my work! For more pictures, or to save yourself from my blog ramblings, cut to the chase at: www.erincoveycreative.com

For full galleries and access to client pictures: proofs.erincoveycreative.com

It’s hard to explain what I’m all “about” without feeling completely narcissistic.  Here’s what I’ve been told: I’m a good eater.  I’m a dork.  I’m quiet but I laugh loudly.  I know how to make people feel natural and relaxed when I’m taking their photo.  As for my photos? Well, that is entirely for you to decide!

In all seriousness, my goal isn’t to rack up a ton of clients and convince people to hire me.  If you like my work, outstanding! If you don’t, I’ll be the first to recommend other photographers who fit your style! My goal in business (and life) is to make connections with people… make them feel like the beautiful person I see.  My work embraces the light in a photo as well as the dark.  What’s not seen is as important as what is seen.  I tend to light a lot to make it more dramatic (because if you’re hiring me, let’s face it…it’s a big event!).  I’m not into posing people like statues, but I am into prompting real reactions and then photographing them.  Give me a call, text, e-mail…even just to say hello!



Gail luciano - Hi Erin, I hope you get this. I thought you were amazing at Noel and Jim’s wedding. So, patient and in charge. You are such a professional. Thank you so much. I can not wait to see your photo’s. Sincerely Gail luciano

Brian Madden - Hello, Photographer-who-should-model-also.

This is a classy website, though, I would recommend a larger font size, of at least 10. It would make your comments stand out more, such as when you use lighting for your shots.

I await with anxiousness your photos from the Tailor and the Cook.

Goodly done.


dorothea palladino - Hi Erin, Just looking for the millioneth time at all the GORGEOUS pictures you took of Lecia and Nick. Thank you SO much for loving what you do so much and chronicling the most beautiful days of their lives. You’re amazing and I’m so glad your amazingness was part of their love story. Having all those wonderful pictures warms my heart every time i see them. dorothea

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