Hits & Misses

I love shooting sports, but sometimes luck isn’t on my side.  You pick a location from which to shoot (bleachers, field, sidelines, etc…) and wherever you decide to stand…the action will not be facing you.  It’s just the nature of the game! So here are some recent shots from a game where, had I been in a better spot, the shots would have been terrific.  (Yeah I got some ok shots, but it’s more fun to show + make fun of the ones I didn’t get!)

Above: backs of heads/bodies = not a good shot.  Below: Cut off top of the second baseman’s head = not a good shot.

Above: Back of a player’s head anyone? I’ve got plenty! = not a good shot. Below: player in the way = not a good shot.

♥ Favorite magazine when I want to shut off my brain: Lucky

♥ Favorite magazine when I don’t mind thinking: New Yorker

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Shut it, Pilgrim

I often times have moments of brilliance…I swear! They usually happen with zero witnesses and mostly in my head.  The most idiotic moments? There for all the world to see.  Take, for example, a recent trip to Plymouth, MA.  I saw a sign that read: “Mayflower II” then loudly proclaimed to my traveling companion…”There was a SECOND ONE?!” A horrified look greeted me, then silence.  ”Uhhhh, no.  It’s a replica,” my dear friend replied, “Get it? Mayflower two…” Me (without hesitation) “oh, yes, yes…of course!” (shuffling feet and looking down)

A cat yawning in a bookstore…

By the way the first ship is long gone, so all we have these days IS the replica.  Mayflower II, you foiled me this time…

Cheers to keeping it together during embarrassing situations…and inevitably more to come.

♥ Cool website that I check daily: Newseum/Today’s front pages

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Making the photos & the photographer

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” Annie Leibovitz

Never has that phrase been more suitable than for Sarah and Mark’s engagement session.  First, the backstory…I was on my death bed (exaggerating for effect) in the week leading up to an engagement shoot in Plymouth, MA.  Seriously though, I WAS sick and achey, but I knew if I could just hold out and make it to the shoot, these two would give me the fuel & energy I needed to have amazing portraits.  And (shocker) I was RIGHT! Sarah and Mark are a dream to photograph.

They are relaxed, hilarious, kind, personable.  I absolutely adore them.

Meet Sarah: Witty and charming with flawless skin…

Meet Mark: Inspiring and lovable with killer guitar skills…

I hit the shutter but they did all of the work.  They are that good.  For that afternoon my sickness washed away and I had an absolute blast.  They fueled my spirit and made me a better photographer.

Look at these two!! GORGEOUS! Thank you Sarah & Mark for making the photos …& making the photographer.  You two are so beautiful.  I am counting down until the BIG DAY (I’m selfish and want to spend more time with y’all)!!

I’ll end with my favorite.  Peaceful, in love:

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