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Friday Randoms, Vol. 61

Hey party people! Brace Yourself. It’s Friday and I have some highly specific and non-important stuff to throw at you. I was at Banana Republic a few states away last week and saw letterpress featured…FROM SYRACUSE! I didn’t even know this company (Smock)¬†existed but I’m pumped that we are representing in high-end clothing shops! (Legal […]

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Love Story: Rachel & Matthew

I’ll never forget the first time I met this beautiful woman. She was a bridesmaid in a wedding. With one look at her I immediately conjured up that iconic image in “To Catch a Thief” with Grace Kelly in that convertible. (I know my references are that of a 90-year-old, so bear with me and […]

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Joann: Headshots

Capturing headshots for authors is always a highlight. I love working with brilliant writers and Joann Lublin is no exception. Joann is a Wall Street Journal reporter, so naturally, she’s my idol. She’s got her hands on two of my favorite things: business reporting and newspapers. She is warm, energetic and a pleasure to work […]

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