Monthly Archives: October 2016

Expecting: Erika & Justin

The connections I make with former brides and grooms is pretty inspiring. In many cases, we end up keeping in touch. At the very least, we end up being social media pals and I get to stalk follow them through their journey. Erika and Justin are an all-star couple, so I’m really lucky they thought […]

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Jennifer & Andy: Radisson Hotel Wedding

Sometimes you can’t put your finger on why a wedding was so magnificent…why you walked away after a 13 hour day and thought: I wish I could do it all over again tomorrow. For Jenn and Andy’s day, everything was great. It was just the overall vibe that everyone put off. From the moment I […]

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Love Story: Brittany & Alex

I’ve been working on a secret hypothesis the last few years: the couple who warns me how nervous they will be in front of the camera always turn out to be the most photogenic. Truth. The couple who think they are awkward? Well, they turn out to be the most natural. Their sweetness and love […]

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