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Love Story: Gina & Andrew

My only goal during any photo shoot is to showcase the people in front of my lens in an authentic manner. Whether they’re shy or lively, people who make out spontaneously in front of me or those who just cast a glance and it says everything. Gina and Andrew? From the first moment I met […]

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Headshots: Elizabeth

I recently had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth, who’s the boss and chief ass-kicker over at To Eat and To Love. Seriously? I have so much to say about this woman! Just check her out, will ya? Hearing her talk about her past struggles and what she did to overcome and all of the […]

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Love Story: Ali & Brian

We didn’t have a lot of time together. Ali and Brian are incredibly busy (saving the world through their work in medicine) so I was lucky I got a chance to grab some time on a random weekday morning. It was a bit drizzly, a bit cold, but it didn’t matter. All I ask during […]

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