Asmira & Muhamed: New Hartford, NY Wedding

The thing about great moments, is that they’re too often fleeting. Take the wedding ceremony, for one. But it’s also in the hours leading up to and after those vows that are just as magnificent. Sometimes, there are so many emotions swirling throughout the entire day, you just have to lock in and capture as much as you can. So we did.

I never forget that when it’s all over, the couple will only have the moments that I saw. Sure, they’ll receive hundreds of photos, but they only represent a fraction of what actually took part. I say this because with Asmira and Muhamed’s wedding, there was SO much. An abundance of love, happiness, and laughter spilled over everywhere. Yes, everywhere! Upstairs at the bride’s house, the men on both sides were toasting alongside homemade traditional Bosnian dishes. Downstairs, the women on the bride’s side were laughing amid hair spray and touchups. Outside, guests were arriving with fanfare to celebrate the commitment of two kind and beautiful people.

There were just so many wonderful moments. I (and a second shooter) charged up and down stairs, hustled through inside and out. It was all totally unscripted, genuine, and up for the taking. Here are my favorites from this an unforgettable day…

New Hartford, NY WeddingNew Hartford, NY Wedding

New Hartford, NY Wedding

While the bride’s attendants pin flowers on the guests outside, the men from both families sat and talked.

New Hartford, NY Wedding

It’s Bosnian tradition to escort the bride out to a sea of guests with the groom patiently waiting. The energy in these moments were extraordinary…

New Hartford, NY Wedding

Asmira is stunning and I had so much fun capturing these timeless bridal portraits in the shimmering sunlight…

New Hartford, NY Wedding

Shout out to a great looking bridal party who I was so fortunate to have worked with!

New Hartford, NY WeddingNew Hartford, NY Wedding

You can feel Muhamed’s tenderness toward his stunning bride…

New Hartford, NY WeddingNew Hartford, NY Wedding

Their ceremony was sweet and in a perfect location. There wasn’t a bad seat in the house – they were in the middle of the reception space!

New Hartford, NY Wedding

I have hundreds of great party shots…

New Hartford, NY Wedding

I think you all know by now I lean toward the sentimental, and this next shot of the bride and her mom having a moment was lovely…

New Hartford, NY WeddingNew Hartford, NY WeddingAsmira and Muhamed, your combination of fun, kind hearts and energy is unstoppable. You are a force to be reckoned with and I’m so thrilled I was able to document the first day of a lifetime together!


Makeup: Doll Face Artistry

Hair by: Courtney Baker Hair Design

Ceremony & Reception: Daniele’s Banquet Specialists

Videography: Rob Acey

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Love Story: Kate & Aleksander

The light was gorgeous, the colors were vibrant, the couple was perfect. Kate and Aleksander looked magnificent on a sunny afternoon in Syracuse, the very place they fell in love. Le Moyne College is a lovely campus with so many pretty spots. These two spent many afternoons taking in the views. 😉

A few favorites during our time together…

Fayetteville, NY engagement Photos

Kate and Aleks are relaxed, fun, and up for anything. Their photos reflect the spirit and ease of their love…

Green Lakes State Park engagement photography

Kate and Aleksander met at their college library, during a study group, so it was a no-brainer we were going to get some shots in there!

Green Lakes State Park engagement photographyGreen Lakes State Park engagement photographyGreen Lakes State Park engagement photography

Green Lakes State Park engagement photography

I’ll end this on one of my favorite shots of all time. Still can’t believe we got this picture!

Green Lakes State Park engagement photography

Kate and Aleks, you are beyond! Looking forward to the big day!


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Anna & Patrick: Rome, NY Wedding

I would be remiss telling Anna & Pat’s story without starting at the very beginning. The root of this story actually involves another remarkable couple, from five years ago. It wasn’t long after I moved back to the east coast that one of my relatives worked with a potential groom named James. It was pure chance, really, but she told him my name. Once Taylor, James and I were introduced, there was just no turning back. Their love and excitement captivated me. It set in motion the most humbling set of events. The first, was that I met Taylor and James’ kind, generous and loving family at their wedding and it remains one of the highlights of my career. The second, is that it led to meeting more gracious and sincere couples, like Jennifer and Peter, James’ brother. I remember their incredible 2013 wedding like it was yesterday. Now, we arrive at today’s story: Taylor’s sister Anna and her amazing husband Pat. I counted down their wedding from Anna’s first phone call. There is something magical about revisiting families throughout the years, already knowing the key people who make everything tick. I enjoyed every minute of their day. Another unforgettable wedding is in the books, remembering the moments fills my heart with joy.

Some favorites from the day…

The Beeches wedding photographyThe Beeches wedding photography

The Beeches wedding photography

Because Anna put lots of cushion in her day, I was thrilled to have the time to capture some fun outside portraits and also the serious, legacy shots indoors…

The Beeches wedding photographyThe Beeches wedding photography

Anna and Pat made their ceremony extra special by having her sisters’ sing a rendition of Edward Sharpe’s, “That’s What’s Up.” I’d be flat out lying to say I didn’t tear up while I was documenting their practice version at the house. It’s one of my favorite songs and they were perfect. Nailed every last note…

The Beeches wedding photography

The Beeches wedding photography

The thing about intimate ceremonies is that they are always more emotional…

The Beeches wedding photographyThe Beeches wedding photographyRocking the bubble exit!

The Beeches wedding photography

The Beeches wedding photography

We wandered around the grounds of The Beeches before introductions…

The Beeches wedding photography

I love shooting weddings here because the property offers so many opportunities…

The Beeches wedding photographyThe Beeches wedding photography

You know I HAD to give a shout out to Jen and Pete & Taylor and James! And now a little one is in the mix! Without getting too off track, I just want to take a small moment to say thank you to these beautiful people below. I’d be happy just knowing them, so the fact that they trusted me with their weddings leaves me overwhelmed. I don’t forget for one second how people like this allow me to do what I love. It humbles me but also pushes me to do better so I don’t let them down. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough!

The Beeches wedding photography

More florals, lace and a consistent blue/green hue made the reception space gorgeous…

The Beeches wedding photography

Emotional parent dances…

The Beeches wedding photography

I did the ring shots and then overheard a guest saying the paper rosettes were handmade from the pages of a Harry Potter book, so, naturally I kept the rings for an absurdly long time and reshot them!

The Beeches wedding photography

Night shots were beyond!

The Beeches wedding photographyAnna & Pat, I wish we could do it all over again. I adore you!


Thanks to these great people who made the day unfold beautifully in front of my camera…

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church

Reception: The Beeches

Makeup/Hair: Elements of Style Salon

Dress: David’s Bridal

Cake: Kelly Smith, “The Cake Lady”

DJ: Mike Brych

Carol Beasley - Hello Erin! Thank you for this post and your gracious words! We all breathed a sigh of relief when Anna was able to book you as wedding photographer. We couldn’t have asked for a more talented,
caring and thoughtful professional to document this special day. Love shines through you and your work and we were blessed to have you with us.

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Friday Randoms, Vol. 52


Fall foliage is here! I think you know what’s coming next… (roll music for barrage of hastily taken iPhone foliage photos)


The only thing I don’t like about fall is candy corn. It truly is the worst ever. That is officially DOCUMENTED, by the way.

But now, the makers of candy corn, calling my bluff, has outdone themselves with EVEN WORSE tasting treats available at my your local Walgreens…


Seriously, Brachs? This needs to stop.

IMG_2932-polaWHY are you singlehandedly ruining fall?!


Enough! I draw the line when you try to replicate anything involving my beloved coffee.

Do you all remember Arden B, which was basically like today’s Forever 21? (crappily made, cheap clothes ring a bell?) Well, I still have a shirt from them, twenty years later…THAT I STILL WEAR.

I am just as horrified as you.

Arden B-pola

If you read this blog, your taste is questionable, so let me steer you into something more worthy.

It’s fall boot time! Here’s what I bought


I have one of those daily art calendars on my desk. It’s the only culture I get and I was struck by the cuteness of this shoe.


My love for Anthropologie shines as bright as ever. I willingly dress like a 9-year-old girl going to Sunday church but I will NOT apologize for that!


Someone forwarded an old article about why the company appeals to people like me (and probably you).

Has anyone checked out this online thrift store? ThredUP is among those annoying websites that make you register with your email before you can go in and look around and since I am fundamentally opposed to doing such a thing, I’m very curious about what’s behind the curtain there. Same goes for you, Zulily. I already have 684,394 e-mails a day from companies that I don’t want to hear from, thanks though.

Anyone try either?


Confession: my obsession with dinnerware has gotten COMPLETELY out of hand. I went to Pier 1 to find a replacement plate for a boring set I broke. But then I fell in love with these…and these…and I bought BOTH.


I don’t even have friends so buying TWO sets of dinnerware to have approximately zero people over is a bit out of hand!


If you need flatware to accompany your plating, you need to head on over to the only USA manufacturer of such products. Liberty Tabletop! And be proud that you are supporting your upstate NY neighbor!


For the R.E.M. fan in your life (cough, cough). REM is doing a special edition line of throwback concert tees.

Just in time for the holidays.

I’m pretty much done with my rants (I should change the name to Random Rants) except it really wouldn’t be a Randoms post without obligatory pictures of food I’ve made, so let’s get on with that already…

White bean-pola

I’ve ventured into appetizers! I toasted an extra pie crust I had lying around and made “chips” with white bean dip.

This is just a random salad on my new plates.


First time making coleslaw!! Can I get a whoop whoop?!


This marked the night I cursed carbs (I went off the wagon the very next night)…


Aaaand for my last announcement, I’d like to put on a special shirt…


THEY REMADE JEM INTO A MOVIE!! Can I get a fist bump from all the 30-something women out there?

Happy Friday!

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Love Story: Taylor & Alec

It was just after sunrise when I drove to Green Lakes State Park early to get a feel for how the fall foliage was looking. The fog was lifting, unveiling the brilliance that is autumn in central New York. When you add two beautiful people, with smiles and love so big it’s piercing, the stage is set for magic.

Taylor and Alec are cute and fun. They are joyful and gorgeous, romantic and hilarious. I fell in love with them amid all that Green Lakes has to offer: rich water, lush forest, stone buildings and trees turning a rich orange.

The faves…and there were many…

Fayetteville, NY engagement PhotosFayetteville, NY engagement Photos

Totally unplanned, I was setting up a shot and they were looking at me like this. Seriously, how fierce are they?!

Fayetteville, NY engagement Photos

There is a formula that applies to my couples 100% of the time…the more they warn me about how they “don’t know what they’re doing” in front of a camera, the more beautiful the shoot comes out. I don’t know why this is. Perhaps it’s because I also don’t know what I’m doing? It crosses each other out to create breathtaking images? Yeah, let’s go with that!

Fayetteville, NY engagement Photos

One last bling shot for good measure…

Fayetteville, NY engagement Photos

Talyor and Alec, I hope you enjoy every moment planning your wedding! Thank you for a perfect fall day in CNY!


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