Friday Randoms, Vol. 54

 I’ve been on a few top secret missions lately, which only now have the authority to discuss.

The first one is that I’ve been trying to replicate a salad I had at Nordstrom Cafe a few months ago (and every month since). It’s with arugula, shrimp, corn and petite tomatoes. I think I finally nailed it! (Grilled shrimp raises the degree of difficulty)


The second involves an effort to break my bagel-a-day habit (toxic, I know). I’ve been perfecting a morning smoothie that actually fills me up for more than 6.8 seconds (talking to you, all-fruit smoothies). Here is the recipe that I designed, tested, and retested myself. You’re welcome:

Oatmeal smoothie

 I never use my phone for legit photos, but I tried out the pano feature and I’m basking in my iPhone mediocrity:


Have you heard of StyleWeGreat dresses! I’m broke as a joke until after Christmas but eventually am going to have to purchase something. There are some unique items at good prices.

I came across this sign outside a restaurant…


Weak. Excuse us working folk. I found another place to eat (I know you were worried).

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 6.24.41 PM-pola

This is for my fellow running friends. ShoeKicker is a website that features an aggregator, listing where to buy your favorite sneaks at the cheapest price. It doesn’t help those who actually go to the store and get fitted, but if you’re like me and you are brand loyal (HOLLLAAAA at my Brooks!), then you already know what you want and what fits. It’s still in Beta so you know it’s only going to get better!


I’ve been blonde for about a year but I totally forgot to tell you about a funny incident from that time! My hair is very dark, so attempting to transform it to blonde is nothing short of asking for a miracle. I wasn’t surprised at all when they unveiled the new hair, I was sporting the Wynonna Judd look. (That’s cherry red you see above) At that point, I thought they’d just shave the whole damn thing, but my hair survived another bleach! Since then I’ve found a brilliant stylist and we lived happily ever after!


 I’m sure she’ll be thrilled that I’ll be sporting Christmas and New Year’s parties with my two inch brown, gray, white roots.

Have an awesome and safe holiday, blog peeps!


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Love Story: Brandy & Ryan

Before we ever met, Brandy sent me the sweetest note about her fiancé, Ryan. It was the kind of letter that you pause after reading. This kind of love reaches out and humbles you. As she detailed her devotion for this wonderful man, I knew immediately I would adore them both. They are affectionate, thoughtful and totally in love. I couldn’t wait to meet them, and they were everything I anticipated.

A few favorites, from my kind of people.

Brandy Ryan blog 001Brandy Ryan blog 002Brandy Ryan blog 003

Their little pup made the session beyond adorable!

Brandy Ryan blog 004Brandy Ryan blog 005Brandy Ryan blog 006

Brandy and Ryan, it was an honor and a pleasure. Thank you for allowing me to document your love!


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Monika & Brad: Utica, NY Wedding

Monika and her wonderful bridesmaids sipped champagne and prepared for the beautiful day ahead. Soft pinks, white, and nude created the gorgeous color palette, a classic combination that made for an elegant and timeless wedding.

The day was fantastic from all sides: Monika was an effortless bride. Her groom, Brad, a dream to photograph. Their friends and relatives are kind people, whose expressions of love, support and excitement were a breeze to document. There are wedding days where guests are visibly tunes in to the great moments of the day. Their attention to the couple is so clearly focused that they forget about me, and I believe it really enhances the photo coverage.

Here are a few favorites from Monika and Brad’s summer nuptials.

New Hartford, NY WeddingNew Hartford, NY Wedding

New Hartford, NY Wedding

Monica’s beauty is eternal…

New Hartford, NY Wedding

Over at the guys’ headquarters, more fun moments…

New Hartford, NY Wedding

New Hartford, NY WeddingNew Hartford, NY WeddingNew Hartford, NY Wedding

A stroll through Proctor Park…

New Hartford, NY Wedding

The Radisson Hotel never disappoints…

New Hartford, NY Wedding

I loved Monika and Brad’s reception. it was both heartwarming…

New Hartford, NY Wedding

…and nonstop excitement! There were so many natural, fun candids!

New Hartford, NY WeddingNew Hartford, NY WeddingNew Hartford, NY WeddingMonika and Brad, you are a dream team. Your enthusiasm and relaxed attitude allowed me to roam freely and get some awesome shots with a ton of variety.

For that, and your both beautiful souls, I am truly grateful.


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