Love Story: Karolina & Dennis

Karolina and Dennis have an easy air about them. Playful and loving, they laugh readily. On a perfect day, we wandered around the Syracuse University campus to document their gorgeous love. I am beyond thrilled I get to capture their wedding next year, this shoot made me all that more excited! These two are beautiful, fun and joyful. I couldn’t ask for a better day…

Syracuse University engagement photography

The campus never disappoints…

Syracuse University engagement photography

I love all of their photos but something about these next two make me smile wide…

Syracuse University engagement photographySyracuse University engagement photography

Leo the Dog steals the show! (Seriously, doesn’t he look like he’s smiling?!)

Syracuse University engagement photography

How lucky were we to get the bling shot on a Syracuse orange-colored flower?!

Syracuse University engagement photography

The owner Of Chuck’s Bar, a Syracuse University student staple, graciously allowed us to come in and shoot…

Syracuse University engagement photographyKaroline and Dennis, thank you for a fabulous afternoon! I am so honored to be able to work with you!


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Nicole & Mike: Deansboro, NY Wedding

First, a disclaimer: I REALLY tried to narrow down these photos. It proved too hard. Nicole and Mike are one of my favorite couples and they got married at one of my favorite venues. My hands are tied at this point, you’ll just have to bear with me through the storytelling because I am so excited to share! Nicole and Mike are the kind of people you just get pumped up for, because they’re so happy and loving, it shines through in every shot you take. Nicole is an exquisite bride, an exceptional person. When she put on her dress I just wanted to shoot her ALL DAY! Her details were stunning (hair piece was off the hook!) And then Mike comes along and he is smiling in every shot, which makes my job the easiest thing ever! Add to that, I could shoot every wedding from here on out at MKJ Farms. There is amazingness spilling out everywhere.

OK, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

MKJ Farms wedding photographyMKJ Farms wedding photography

The bridal portraits are always the highlight of my day and Nicole nailed them. This dress is from my favorite bridal boutique, The Wedding Embassy

MKJ Farms wedding photography

Can we have a moment of silence for these dazzling flowers?

MKJ Farms wedding photographyMKJ Farms wedding photography

Nicole and Mike opted to see each other before the wedding. The rain parted for a few minutes so we could have an amazing moment outside by the water!

MKJ Farms wedding photography

A few relaxed and casual couple’s portraits before it was time to get married…

MKJ Farms wedding photography

Their rings were kept safe by this secret service prodigy. No one messed with him!

MKJ Farms wedding photographyMKJ Farms wedding photography

This is one of my favorite all time full bridal party portraits because of the gorgeous Mohawk Valley behind them. This shot is pretty much impossible when it is sunny out so I was loving life!

MKJ Farms wedding photography

MKJ Farms wedding photographyMKJ Farms wedding photography

I get asked all of the time if I prefer sunny or cloudy skies during a wedding day, and my answer is always…both! I’m greedy and seriously want both on the same day. I like the clouds because you can shoot in nearly every direction, but when the sun comes out you get this beautiful accent light, so I was BEYOND when both happened on Nicole and Mike’s day!

MKJ Farms wedding photography

Come ON, you do not get more jaw dropping than this…

MKJ Farms wedding photography

Don’t these luscious flowers and colors pull everything together beautifully?

MKJ Farms wedding photographyMKJ Farms wedding photography

Ahhh, the formal dances. You already know they are my favorite and I overshoot them at every wedding. There was so much emotion at this wedding, I can’t even…

MKJ Farms wedding photographyMKJ Farms wedding photography

Some deliciousness…

MKJ Farms wedding photography

Just fun party shots because everyone was having an insane time on the dance floor (and on top of the bar) all night! Thanks to DJ Ryan Misencik for his mad skills…

MKJ Farms wedding photographyMKJ Farms wedding photography

Nicole and Mike, I loved every single last second of your wedding day. Your kind families, your fun bridal party, and you two incredible humans made my job so enjoyable!

A humble thank you.


And of course, hi-fives to this amazing team!

Ceremony + Reception at MKJ Farm, Jack (the owner) is AMAZING!

Nicole’s stunning headpiece: Thomas Knoell Designs

Dress: Wedding Embassy

Hair + Makeup: Nicki Marie’s Salon

DJ: Performance DJ’s, Ryan Misencik

Photo booth: Premier Photo Booth

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Friday Randoms: Vol. 51

We have a breaking news situation over here on the snack front! Reese’s Pieces has changed its packaging. I repeat, OFFICIALLY NEW PACKAGING!

IMG_2524 9.48.49 PM-pola

It’s vintage, baby!

I don’t often run during wedding season, but when I do, I’m trying to remember to turn on my Charity Miles app so someone somewhere can donate money on my behalf and I barely have to do anything (except remember to turn it on).

I’ve obsessively been on the hunt for good salad dressing. It’s criminal how much dressing I go through. I pretty much hate anything that doesn’t come fresh out of a restaurant. Please enlighten me in the comments section.

IMG_2525 9.48.49 PM-pola

When your dad gives you 743,941 pounds of zucchinis, you make:

Zucchini sticks…


Zucchini “pasta”…


Zucchini parm…


And zucchini smoothies! Hey, they’re good!

By the way, I can’t make stuff this up…


The good news is that I finally found some comfortable shoes for wedding season! My feet have been aching nonstop so I got these babies from Clarks. Old lady shoes = Extra aeration!


This is random even for me but I adore all things packaging and paper products. I finally found cute black boxes that are a perfect fit for thumb drives and/or photos I want to mail to my peeps!


Speaking of paper, even though I have about a million (give or take) cards and envelopes at the ready, I discovered this Oregon company which is quickly becoming my go-to stop for awesome unique stationery!

Meet Oblation papers and press!


Ending this with an I love upstate NY pic…


Here’s to autumn weekending!


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Love Story: Lora & Tom

They are as playful as can be. So relaxed in front of a lens, their natural joy unfolds before me. In the quiet beauty of early morning hours, these two created their own world. It is a delight to document Lora and Tom’s carefree love. A few favorites during a recent sunrise shoot…

Proctor Park engagement blog  001Proctor Park engagement blog  002Proctor Park engagement blog  003Proctor Park engagement blog  004

This next image is a throwback image from when we first met and had a winter mini-shoot!

Proctor Park engagement blog  005Won’t be long before we are strolling around in sunset light in wedding attire! It’s going to be perfection!


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