I am a minimalist. I believe in the beauty of simplicity with creative flair. I'll guide you through natural movement without posing you incessantly. I am passionate about timeless images and despise Photoshop fads and filters.

My style is documentary. Clients are drawn to my unobtrusive style and abundance of candids. Your images will convey the authentic emotions of the day, not a series of contrived poses. Outside of the time set aside for family portraits, I don't intervene in your big moments and ask you to look at the camera. I'm quiet. I believe the perfect wedding day is one where you and your guests don't even notice me.

While Pinterest is great for inspiration, I am passionate about the unique connection with your partner. Your love is more beautiful and genuine than anything copied from the Internet. In replicating somebody else's photo, it doesn't show your authenticity and I guarantee you'll remember it was imitated. I don't want you to look at your wedding pictures decades from now and wonder, "Why did we do that?" I want you to be transported to the mood of the day and feel all of the emotions all over again.

You can expect immediacy, kindness and professionalism. Always. My goal is for you to have a fun and stress free experience while we work together. Please call my cell anytime: (315) 725-9172, e-mail is responded to quickly: erin@erincoveycreative.com