Family Documentary

Family Documentary: Old Forge, NY

The enduring memories of any family are often the activities that happen repeatedly. It could be baking cookies or swimming at a nearby pond. One of the things that draws me to documentary photography most is the honesty of it all. (It’s also why I don’t do the, “let’s go to a park, all dressed the same and smile at the camera” type photos. When we take pictures inside of the home, the family furniture is a character in the background, reminders of the fun moments that happened there. We are taken back to the every day clothes we wore over and over, a favorite old t-shirt that was a childhood staple.

When this family contacted me to do a hike, I was filled with excitement. Hiking as a family is something they have done all over the country, so to get pictures of it actually happening is something really special! As much as these photos are for the parents, I truly believe they will have the most impact decades from now. The kids will be grown and will remember great family hikes, with photos that transport them to cherished memories. It also gives a nice break to mom, who is inevitably always recording the family pictures with a cell phone, which means she’s usually missing from the great family moments that unfold.

Really appreciative I could spend the day with this family doing my two favorite things! Here are a few from an Adirondack hike with this wonderful family…



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