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FAQ: Should I Hire a Second Shooter?

One of the most common questions I get asked…should we get a second shooter? I used to shoot alone all of the time and am totally comfortable doing so. These last few years, however, Peter has become my full time partner. I hesitate even calling him a second shooter because having a full time person […]

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FAQ: Editing

One of the most asked questions I get while meeting with future couples is what I edit and how much I edit. This post will try to explain in a visual way the most frequent things I tweak! Not one photo leaves my hands without editing in some way, but I tend to do the […]

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FAQ: In The Bag

I receive quite a few inquiries each month about what I shoot with, so this is an effort to help anyone who is curious about the lens choices behind my shooting style. Or, just in case someone wants to start their own wish list! I shoot seven days a week from April through November. There […]

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