Family Documentary

Family Documentary: Utica, NY

I got to hang out with a family celebrating the first year with their smart and adventurous baby girl! Family documentary is a 100% unposed, authentic view of what life is like during this fleeting time. This happy 1-year-old is just starting to walk and get into things! Sidenote: how can babies sense danger so well and aim right toward it? (I’m talking about you, stairs!)

In-home documentary sessions feature exactly what life is like at this moment in time. I love how the home is a main character in the storyline, which children will think back to decades from now. Their decorated bedroom and the quirks in each corner of a space full of memories.

I’m filled with gratitude and appreciation that this family let me see them unmasked and totally genuine. A few favorites during our time together…

Unposed Utica, NY family documentary photo session

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