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Headshots: Mary Beth

For the last few months, I’ve been working out with Evolve Personal Training. I hit a boredom phase with my running routine and noticed that I was lacking core strength. Sure I could run a few miles easily, but I also felt like a car wreck after shooting a 15 hour wedding! After just a few weeks, I noticed I had renewed strength, something that was lacking after focusing decades on cardio.

Mary Beth is passionate about health and wellness, setting up a framework for you to be better, all within an emotionally safe environment. I use that term emotionally safe, because I’m not a person who is inspired by the gym or large group classes. Truthfully, I want to show up, quietly do my workout and leave! Strength work doesn’t come easy to me, so I prefer a private or small group setting. Mary Beth has plans that are easy to follow because she does them along with you! This month she’s even running a special, so check her out! Some faves from her headshot session…

Awhile back we got together to take some creative pictures and I never posted them, but I love how they came out.
(Always slacking at blogging!)

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