Family Documentary

Rochester, NY Maternity Photos

It’s been too long since I’ve seen Shelly and Chris, hard to believe their Syracuse wedding was almost exactly three years ago! Reunited and It. Feels. So. Good! I am thrilled for these two, not only because they will be incredible parents, but because they are positive, energizing humans who spread love everywhere they go. I feel lucky and grateful to know them.

Bonus: I’m ALWAYS psyched to do an at-home session! I want to strip away the pressure to buy new outfits/makeup/props and show the beauty of real life. Hanging out in a relaxed manner means we can get honest moments that, in 20 years, will take them back to this house, this time in their lives. We took the dogs on a walk, had dinner together, and lounged around. It was perfect. A few faves from their Expecting session…

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