Friday Randoms, Vol. 69

Happy Friday night! It’s been almost two months, we clearly have a lot of ground to cover. Let’s not dillydally…

I have moved three times in three years. (It’s just as fun as it sounds!) Funny story, though, from when I moved last year that I never told you. The mover needed me to sign some paperwork and saw a pen pointing out of a box. Now, this “pen” was about three times the thickness of a regular pen found in normal society. He grabbed it, ripped the top off and clicked the button. AAAAAAND… PEPPER SPRAY EXPLODED ALL OVER HIS FACE. Spoiler alert, my friends, this was NOT A PEN! It was a tube of pepper spray that I bought at least a decade ago, never used, totally forgot about, but was locked and loaded.

Speaking of moving, the cats will need months of psychiatric help after riding in a car. Each time, no matter how short of a time it is, we reach code red meltdown mode. Here’s another one just so you can fully appreciate the acute panic.

One of life’s great mysteries: Caramel is awesome in Rolo’s, or in a Twix bar, or even alone, BUT in the new M & M’s?

Not. So. Much. Did I eat them anyway for Halloween? You’re damn right I did. (Still better than candy corn.)

My last wedding of the year is tomorrow!

Every year I get seriously melodramatically injured. Last year, someone’s high heel stomped through my shoe, I was hobbling for two weeks. (I wear combat boots when I shoot, people, it’s not like I’m wearing Tom’s.) This year a drunk came crashing on top of my knee. Ahhh, the thrill of wedding season and the dance floor! (Many of my friends have gotten black eyes, so I actually am lucky, ha ha!)

How amazing is this homemade paper? It’s beautiful and has soft blue hues lining the edge of the stationery. Randomly found it at this shop in Saratoga Springs!

Finally…apparently, people my age are feeling left out of the whole “Gen X” or “Millenial” lingo, so now, we too officially have a name! It’s Xennial! So original! This changes everything! (All it means, really, is that we relate most to the relaunch of Zima and can fully re-live the mistakes of our youth. Many of you probably have no idea what Zima is, so there.)

Until next time, my friends! Make it an awesome weekend!






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Megan & Bill: Radisson Hotel Wedding

I am constantly blown away by the amount of trust and freedom I have with my couples. It is humbling, exciting and I am so thankful! But, Megan and Bill took it to a whole new level. I had carte blanche to document whatever, wherever, and whenever! They were a referral from another power couple, so I knew I was in for a phenomenal day.

I fell in love with these two immediately. Quick example: I saw Bill after I ran the Boilermaker (15k road race for you non-locals) and I couldn’t not have been sweatier or filthier. He saw me, smiled wide and gave me a huge hug. He’s just so freikin’ great. Then you add Megan, who is so kind, so personable… they both go out of their way to make sure you’re having a good time. Speaking of, these two goof off constantly and it makes photographing them so much fun! Also, they’re beautiful and so photogenic, which I don’t even have to mention because you’ll see in a second!

A few favorites from their magnificent day…

Beauty team included a dynamic duo whom I work with all of the time: Makeup artist Lizzy Esposito and hair stylist Olivia with Tease and Makeup. They do a great job and they never mind me climbing all over them for cool beauty shots!

Gifts from Megan’s future Mr…

Megan’s family is so wonderful to work with, they totally ignored me as really special moments unfolded…

This beautiful woman…slaying her bridal portraits like a pro. Supermodel status…

Total honesty here: I always get the aisle shot of the first kiss (left pic) because I wouldn’t want to risk it anywhere else! Meantime, Peter gets to go wherever he wants and his shot is even better (right pic)…darn it!

Their wedding party was so much fun!

They can get formal too, just look at this gorgeous squad!

When you make enough time for cool portraits at multiple locations…I do cartwheels inside…

These next photos are totally them. Just having an awesome time together!

I am biased, but Radisson Hotel in Utica ALWAYS has insane receptions!

These two rocked it all day, yet, totally didn’t mind going with me out into the street for night shots! I love them!

Megan and Bill, you’ve gone down in history as an awesome bride and groom, but I know that your life together will be filled with love and laughter. Thank you for letting me play a small part in documenting day one.


Thank you to this all-star team who worked tirelessly to make sure the day was perfect…

Hair: Lizzy Esposito

Makeup: Olivia Lisi with Tease and Makeup

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Alfred Angelo

Bride’s dress: Phiajames Wedding

Groomsmen suits: A. Vitullo’s

Ceremony: St. Mary of Mount Carmel

Reception: Radisson Hotel in Utica

Decor: Exclusively Yours by Wendy

Transportation: S & S Limo

Entertainment: Ryan Misencik with Performance Dj’s

Videographer: AJ’s Photography







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Ashley & Stephen: The Woods Inn Wedding

Happy Monday! I figured we would kick off the week right with a couple who is as authentic and joyful as they are beautiful! Ashley and Stephen had an absolutely stunning wedding. (I say this acknowledging that a crazy storm rolled through about 2 minutes before their ceremony, but I’ll get to that in a bit!) These two were beaming the ENTIRE day. As in, Peter and I couldn’t put down the camera for one moment because these two and everyone in their inner circle were either laughing hysterically, crying, or doing something adorably cute and meaningful!

Ashley and Stephen are wonderful people, but they are really incredible together. That, coupled with all of the guests who treated us like close family, and it was non-stop enjoyment photographing all of the V.I.P’s!

A few favorites from their wedding at the lovely Woods Inn…

Ashley had snuck away for a few minutes to read a message from Stephen. In the peacefulness of the Adirondacks, with gently rustling trees and the calm water nearby, it was like the enormity of the day hit her. What a beautiful moment.

Peter was with the guys, looking dapper for the First Look…

The First Look unfolded so beautifully, here are the range of photos we grabbed all in a matter of seconds…

A few relaxed candids around the property…

Ashley did some reveals with her stepdad and then her father. I’m obsessed with the range of genuine emotions that followed…

I just have to give a HUGE virtual shout out to a wonderful group of people!

Jordan Marcel’s team handled the decor and it all looked spectacular…

A few finishing touches before the ceremony…

I say this all of the time, but I’ll keep shouting it: I am only as good as the other pros who assist during a wedding day. A perfect example? A storm ripped through the property with little warning about 10 minutes before the ceremony and Jordan Marcel’s team BOOKED it to take all of the decor down (including the impeccable draping and flowers adorning Ashley and Stephen’s arch) in time for the storm to pass through. They loaded everything calmly and carefully in the truck, immediately after the rain stopped, they hustled out and put everything back together…for the second time! I bow to their greatness!

Everyone was awesome, and, this couple didn’t stop smiling once!

Ready to take on the world…

A few more portraits around the pretty property…

I love having a second shooter because we get two totally different perspectives…a close-up tender shot and then a wide angle to showcase all of their guests…

Reason #856,029 I love this couple? Ashley and Stephen didn’t blink when it came to take some sunset shots!

Ashley and Stephen, you have a place in my heart forever, your day was just perfect! I am SO honored we we got to document day one of an amazing love story!

A huge, humble, enthusiastic hug and THANK YOU to these fine people…

Ceremony & Reception: The Woods Inn

Beauty: Alyssa’s Hair Studio

Bride’s makeup: Anthony Gaetano

Planner/decor/florals: Jordan Marcel

Cake: Classy Cakes by Andrea

Entertainment: DJ Roscoe Red

Dress: Bride’s Choice in Waltham, MA

Bridesmaids: Vera Wang













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