Sarah & Ben: Syracuse, NY Wedding

I’m just going to come right out and say it: there is nothing better than Sarah’s smile. You can not imagine what joy it is to document a couple who exudes happiness. I must acknowledge though, I am biased. You see, I loved these two from the moment I met them. The first few seconds when I sat at Sarah’s moms house and talked to them about their wedding dreams, I knew this was a family with big plans and even bigger hearts. That their day would be one of genuine emotion and nonstop fun.

First off, we all are alums of the same college, so I knew Sarah and Ben were my kind of peeps! Secondly, their engagement session was beyond gorgeous. Finally, look at them. Can’t you just tell they’re sweet, fun and uplifting people? Sarah and Ben didn’t stop smiling. Their enthusiasm was contagious and I didn’t want the day to end.

A few favorites from their wedding…

Central New York wedding photography

Central New York wedding photography

Central New York wedding photography

Central New York wedding photography

Sarah incorporated her mom’s wedding veil into the base of the bouquet, so I had to grab her mother’s hands for a second and let her show off the fine lace.

Central New York wedding photography

I love Sarah’s bridal portraits. She can be timelessly elegant one second and playful the next…

Central New York wedding photography

Central New York wedding photography

Central New York wedding photography

The autumn light and color was gorgeous at Green Lakes State Park…

Central New York wedding photographyCentral New York wedding photographyCentral New York wedding photography

The formal dances get me every time…

Central New York wedding photographyCentral New York wedding photography

The reception? I can’t even begin to explain…it was so much fun from start to finish! I laughed so hard I was sore the next day!

Central New York wedding photography

And the last dance shot…because I believe this is as important as the first…

Central New York wedding photography

Sarah and Ben, you are a gift! I am so honored I was able to document your love, commitment and unbelievably amazing day!


Thank you to these fine vendors which executed the day with class and style:

Hair and makeup: Cliptomania Salon

Florals: Wegman’s

Cupcakes: 83 and Company

DJ: Party Starters Events

Ceremony: DeWitt Community Church

Reception: The Doubletree Inn, DeWitt

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Friday Randoms, Vol. 48

As if it being Friday isn’t enough, I’ve got more good news: unicorns exist!


(Apparently they like The North Face jackets)

Favorite meals of the week would be an Asian stir fry…


Lamb chops on pearl couscous with mushrooms and roasted Brussels Sprouts…


and some sort of baked apple thing underneath pork chops with asparagus…


I do realize I am not winning any points for the way this food is photographed! I have like 4 seconds before the food gets cold and I’m not about to sacrifice that much for you!

By the way, I hate to be one of those people who bitch and moan about the weather, but spring was here and left us…warmth, where are you?!


Despite the cold, I’m FINALLY running outside these days. The treadmill is no more! And I got these new sneakie-doos on my side! Brooks, baby!


Has anyone run the Erie Canal trail in Utica? You need to do this. It’s lovely! I actually downloaded a trail link app and found it. Born and raised in upstate NY and it never occurred to me to run on the trail. (head hits desk)


I know Easter is long gone but I rationed out my candy like a 9-year-old. This is what my jelly beans looked like out of the bag…(yes, my parents still get me an Easter basket, which is phenom)


And, this is what it looks like currently. Seriously…white and black jelly beans? I can’t even. Coconut (white) and licorice (black) = Puke.


Ranked from best to worst:

Red, orange, yellow, pink, green, purple. The purple was an unidentifiable flavor but it was still better than white/black.

Nothing else to say except that when you can’t get your hands on real apple cider, they sell these awesome instant packets that you combine with boiling water and they are the!


Lastly, I am going to be giving a Photography 101 talk in Connecticut! Saturday, May 9th, please come if solely to heckle me. I will be giving a talk and showing you know how you can take your photos to the next level! Prepare to get learned!

Until then!





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Friday Randoms, Vol. 47

Hey there readers! Hope you’re enjoying this very slow start to spring! (There is still snow on the ground in some parts, but I digress)

I may not have gone to church for Easter, but I sure did mark the occasion…


Favorite meal of the week was a surprise to me. I gave frozen salmon a try since my schedule has not been allowing me to go grocery shopping more than once a week…it was actually great!


Sure it’s still feels like subzero out but I’m celebrating warmer weather with my favorite treat. The local DQ is open for business and I will not confirm or deny that I joined about a dozen people standing outside in 30 degree weather for their Blizzard. Frozen tears of happiness! The local ice cream shops are opening up one by one as well. Coffee ice cream with Heath Bar? Don’t mind if I do…


For those who don’t read this blog on a regular basis, (I don’t blame you…terrible content) I’m trying to learn how to cook. My biggest dinner fail yet happened this week and tasted as awful as it looks…


Burnt, stringy…I could go on. Fresh off Butternutgate, I had another fail the night after with pizza dough. It wasn’t rising and after three hours I gave up and ate almost a whole pizza by myself at a restaurant (wish I was joking with my tired & emotional eating).

It wasn’t all bad this week though, I did do a successful halibut with pesto orzo…


Is there ANYONE out there who doesn’t like fat-free/sugar-free EVERYTHING? Can I get some normal food around here that hasn’t been chemically enhanced to lower the fat content in some way?! This entire selection of yogurt and I can’t get a full-fat yogurt with no chemicals!


This week I learned that when you buy avocados in bulk (in the interest of saving one dollar), usually 50% of them are rotten…


Also learned that homemade chocolate volcano cake in a ramekin is the best thing ever…


I’ve gotten really into tablescaping lately (not a real word I didn’t think, but I just Googled the term and this is an actual thing)…


White chrysanthemums for the centerpiece win!


I’ve been spring cleaning and am horrified by at least one third of my outfits. I also finally cleaned out my makeup drawer (You’d think RuPaul lived at my house…there are end-of-days-stockpiles). These are my losers for the garbage. That new CK eyeshadow is the worst. Unless you like eyeshadow that slowly disappears from your eyelids and ends up on your cheeks at the end of the workday. If that’s the case, you’ll love it.


Who is registered for my favorite all-time running race, The Boilermaker?


I am in! I will save my training secrets for running a 12 minute mile for another time!

Happy Friday!

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Love Story: Michelle & Pete

Besides ranking among the hardest working people I’ve had the honor to document, Michelle and Pete are also incredibly gracious. On a chilly (read: freezing) morning at the Bronx Zoo, Michelle and Pete pushed through to make some gorgeous photos. They brought their stunning love for each other and their patience for cold wind, all while effortlessly wandering around the zoo grounds for some wonderful winter pictures!

A few favorites…

Bronx Zoo Engagement Photos

It never really matters what it’s doing outside when you have a couple who is in tune and in love. Beautiful couple + beautiful light = happy photographer!

Bronx Zoo Engagement Photos

Bronx Zoo Engagement PhotosBronx Zoo Engagement PhotosBronx Zoo Engagement Photos

I love how gentle Pete is with his future bride and how they naturally lean into each other. It’s just lovely!

Bronx Zoo Engagement Photos

Michelle and Pete, it was so great to FINALLY meet after endless e-mails! Thank you for your joy, kindness, and enthusiasm!

Looking forward to the real deal!


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Catching Up

I’ve been silent for a week, traveling and catching up on photo shoots! Now, if you know me and my O.C.D. attention to detail, sometimes editing sidetracks me and keeps me off the grid! I’ve done some fun assignments lately that I just loved and haven’t had the time to share! First off, I love working with small business owners. Since I am one, I like hearing the vision that other creatives have and seeing it executed through photos and eventually their website and online brand.

You know I go on and on about how professional head shots (and e-mail and website) add legitimacy and relevancy to your product and business, so I am always eager to work with other pros to keep things modern and fresh!

Erica has started an event planning business and outside of being a talented and creative professional, she photographs beautifully!


She is just…sigh…BEAUTIFUL!


I also was honored to photograph some shots for a hair salon, we had A LOT of fun! These beauties are great!


They are as beautiful as they are kind, check them out here if you’re in Connecticut!


Finally, just for fun, I thought I’d share a recent cake smash with my favorite 1-year-old! I don’t get a chance to photograph kiddos in my work, just not enough time to do things outside of the wedding and headshot business, but I HAD to share, just LOOK at this sweet little nugget!

Thomas 001

Thomas 002

Alyssa with Wildflour Confections for the win!

Thomas 003

Thomas 004

My favorite photo of the shoot was a total after thought, when Thomas was in the tub, but I am obsessed with these lifestyle shots…

Thomas 005

That’s all for now!

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