Friday Randoms, Vol. 61

Hey party people! Brace Yourself. It’s Friday and I have some highly specific and non-important stuff to throw at you.

I was at Banana Republic a few states away last week and saw letterpress featured…FROM SYRACUSE! I didn’t even know this company (Smock) existed but I’m pumped that we are representing in high-end clothing shops! (Legal disclaimer: I buy nothing at full price from Banana Republic, I beeline to the back of the store for deep discounts because that is my life.)


I don’t want to brag (that’s what people say before they’re ’bout to brag) but I’ve been off caffeine for 153 days. Ever the addict, naturally I just substitute one thing for another. In my case, I’ve traded in caffeinated lattes for non-caffeinated iced tea. Barnes and Noble Cafe features a Harney & Sons Raspberry tea that is AWESOME.


Doesn’t even need sugar! (Put some in anyway)

For the runner in your life…this website is great…


I cleaned out my closet this week to try to minimize my stuff and there are two undeniable truths of this annual experience:

1.) I discover things that are exactly alike and wonder why I keep buying the same thing. How many black v-neck sweaters or gray skirts does one need, anyway?

2.) I see an entire wardrobe of someone who is two or three sizes smaller than me. (Here’s the backstory: I see a deal on an outfit that wouldn’t fit me even after three weeks on a cabbage soup diet, let alone on a normal day, but I have to buy it because it’s a screamin’ deal. I keep it in the closet as “motivation.” However, motivation – in my case – means said outfit will hang in my closet for approximately 8 years. At which point it will emerge with some sort of stain, tags still on, and it’s not even good enough to donate.)


I bought these boots and after this winter, I can safely say they are the best I’ve ever owned. Durable. Waterproof. So comfortable. The best.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 4.17.16 PM-pola

I saved the best Random for last. This recommendation comes with a warning, though. If you need to leave your computer in the next few hours, do NOT click this link. If you need to waste some time, then trudge on Internet fiend, we’re with you! I stumbled upon NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series and immediately fell in love. Glued for hours to watch all of my favorite bands: Edward Sharpe, The XX, The Civil Wars, and The Cranberries.

If I discover that any of you knew this existed and didn’t tell me, we’re done.

Happy Friday!

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Love Story: Rachel & Matthew

I’ll never forget the first time I met this beautiful woman. She was a bridesmaid in a wedding. With one look at her I immediately conjured up that iconic image in “To Catch a Thief” with Grace Kelly in that convertible. (I know my references are that of a 90-year-old, so bear with me and please see Exhibit A: To Catch a Thief (And come back).

Fast forward to another wedding, a few years later, and there she was again. Besides being as sophisticated and as graceful as the actual Grace Kelly, Rachel is one of the kindest humans (and most helpful bridesmaids) I’ve ever seen. She was – and is – a dream. So, here we are. My excitement is overflowing to shoot Rachel’s big day, and now we have her sweetheart in the mix, the wonderful Matthew. Together, these two smile unabashedly and I don’t have to say a word. Their love is genuine and thoughtful. They interact with each other in beautiful ways, it is moving and so lovely to photograph. I loved wandering around downtown Albany to capture their many adoring looks and laughs.

Albany, NY engagement photographyAlbany, NY engagement photography

Sometimes you have to dance like no one is watching, (but in their case, someone IS watching…and taking photographs!)

They nailed it!

Albany, NY engagement photography

A nod to downtown Albany’s fantastic architecture!

Albany, NY engagement photography

Albany, NY engagement photography

Rachel and Matthew, the countdown in my head to your wedding is getting louder by the day. I am beyond thrilled you chose me!

Tons of love!


Becky - Erin, you have no idea just how exact your words truly are in reference to my best friend. In fact, she LOVES Grace Kelly and I’m sure she is tickled by your beautiful words and the comparison to that scene in THAT movie. You did an amazing job!

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Joann: Headshots

Capturing headshots for authors is always a highlight. I love working with brilliant writers and Joann Lublin is no exception. Joann is a Wall Street Journal reporter, so naturally, she’s my idol. She’s got her hands on two of my favorite things: business reporting and newspapers. She is warm, energetic and a pleasure to work with. Our mission was to grab a few shots for her book jacket and accompanying promotional materials. I love the results. Her book, “Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from the Trailblazing Women at the Top of the Business World,” will be out later this year, so check it out for holiday gift ideas!

A few favorites from our time together:

Author HeadshotsAuthor Headshots

I love the look of a crisp Oxford button down with a clean background!

Author HeadshotsAuthor HeadshotsAuthor Headshots

Much success to Joann and her book! Thank you for a great afternoon!

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Lora & Tom: Vernon, NY Wedding

They were my final wedding of 2015. Talk about ending on a high note. Where do I even begin? The entire afternoon felt like a dream. Lora’s style is elegant and timeless, but as a person, she is one of the most amazing humans I’ve ever met. Then there’s Tom, the perfect counterpart. He is funny and warm, always beaming, equally impressive. I knew every time I swung around to capture his reaction during key moments of the day, he’d have that megawatt smile. Together, they are incredible. These two? They are IT for me. As in, the show’s over folks, don’t let the the mic hit ya on the way down.

On a serious note, these two make me fall in love weddings all over again. They make me love photojournalism because everything was gorgeous and nothing was staged. The entire day was relaxed, thoughtful and filled with love and laughter. Yes, the details and color palette were stunning, but everyone involved in their day was truly a joy to work with. It just does not get better than this.

I’m going to showcase a ton of images in this post, so forgive me. However, if there were ever a couple be indulgent about, it would be Lora and Tom.

Turning Stone Wedding Photography

Turning Stone Wedding Photography

This dress is from Angelique Bridal, check out their blog here!

Turning Stone Wedding PhotographyTurning Stone Wedding Photography

Turning Stone Wedding Photography

I love wedding formals at the Utica Train Station. It’s history, texture and character come alive in the images…

Turning Stone Wedding Photography

Turning Stone Wedding Photography

Inside the train station, Lora and Tom looked like royalty…

Turning Stone Wedding Photography

Then we went to the Turning Stone Resort and I spent one of the most enjoyable bride and groom sessions I’ve ever been involved in. They built in a ton of time and truly enjoyed the process. I am so incredibly fortunate to have been able to document these two…

Turning Stone Wedding PhotographyTurning Stone Wedding Photography

Tom gets his own spotlight, because I just adore him!

Turning Stone Wedding PhotographyTurning Stone Wedding Photography

Turning Stone Wedding PhotographyTurning Stone Wedding Photography

Turning Stone Wedding Photography

The formal speech and then traditional dances were emotional and tender…

Turning Stone Wedding Photography

Even their dessert bar was beyond! I had to throw down with the guests to get these shots because everything looked so delicious…

Turning Stone Wedding Photography

Fun dancing shots!

Turning Stone Wedding Photography

Turning Stone Wedding PhotographyTurning Stone Wedding Photography

Lora and Tom: you are exquisite, gracious and made us feel like family. I am indebted to you for the wonderful memories of your wedding day and it will go down as not just one of the best weddings I’ve ever documented, but one of the highlights in my photographic life.

Thank you for your kindness and beautiful hearts.

A thank you to these fine people who made the day flawless:

Ceremony: Saint Anthony Saint Agnes Church

Reception: Turning Stone Resort Casino

Dress: Angelique Bridal

Veil: Love Veils

Shoes: Badgley Mishka

Florals: Coriale Flowers

Entertainment: Atlas

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