Friday Randoms, Vol. 41

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! As you know by now, I’m pretty passionate about all things junk food, so I know a thing or two about awesome trick-or-treating candy. Similarly, I am a self-proclaimed expert on terrible treats. The worst Halloween candy ever is obviously candy corn. That is just a universally known fact, people. But then, I see THIS at the store!!


It’s like the candy company asked around to see what would really gross people out, and then made the product!

Also, can we stop celebrating Christmas in October? This display (I’m serious) was up before Halloween…


Everyone always tells you the latest app to have, so now I’m going to be that annoying person who says DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!! My bestie told me about this app called Trello. It has seriously changed my life. There are days when I have dozens of little things to do and just can’t remember them all…this has been my savior! It’s replaced my old pen-to-paper or type-to-paper versions. Amazing! And, it’s free!


I also recently paid for the Radiolab app. If you’re a fan of well done radio broadcasts, you won’t be disappointed! This has kept me entertained during that weekly commute from upstate to downstate!


I recently stumbled across this fun and sciencey blog called xkcd. I know you have other things to do when wasting your time on the Internet, but seriously check it out. It makes science and learning random things fun!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 7.11.58 PM-pola

Found perfect mid-length heels at the most surprising of places…Forever 21!! I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money on various heels looking for something that is comfortable enough for a ten hour workday. So, naturally, I finally find the perfect shoes after spending loads of money on expensive shoes that are now in piles in my closet. Who would have thought they were at the local mall for twenty bucks?


Speaking of things I am impressed by…this is a mini beauty truck I found when in an airport recently. It’s Benefit’s take on what looks like a food truck for makeup lovers, and it’s pretty cool! Check it at an airport near you!


Goodbye readers, friends and fall foliage!!  Until next time!

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Love Story: Erika & Justin

There are few things I like better than a sunrise shoot, fall foliage, and an adventurous couple. Put them all together? You have the recipe for absolutely to-die-for images. Erika and Justin are as fun as they are gorgeous. I met them through another amazing couple, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when right off the bat these two brought the A-Game!! A few favorites from their stunning engagement shoot…

Adirondacks Engagement PhotosAdirondacks Engagement Photos

There is nothing lovelier than the rustic look and fall colors of the Adirondacks…unless you have a magnificent couple planted center stage…

Adirondacks Engagement Photos

When Erika mentioned they wanted to go out canoeing, I couldn’t have been more excited…can we say wall portrait?!

Adirondacks Engagement Photos

Adirondacks Engagement PhotosAdirondacks Engagement Photos

Erika and Justin, I can’t imagine an engagement shoot being better than this! You make it so easy! Looking forward to the real deal!


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Michelle & Ian: Wethersfield, CT Wedding

Arriving at Michelle and Ian’s wedding was like realizing that a place you dreamed about was real. Photographing in and around the Silas Robbins property was magnificent. With a soft palette of colors, rich woods and lots of gorgeous nooks, there were unending places to photograph! The place was exquisite, the ceremony emotional, and the couple… relaxed and happy.

A few favorites from Michelle and Ian’s lovely day…

Ian Michelle blog 001Ian Michelle blog 002

Both Ian and Michelle got ready inside the bed and breakfast which made for awesome photos that complemented each other!

Ian Michelle blog 003Ian Michelle blog 004

Finished product? Perfection!

Ian Michelle blog 005

The ceremony was sweet and intimate…

Ian Michelle blog 006

Michelle is demure and sweet… she was such a good sport about doing some twirls for me during her bridal portrait time!

Ian Michelle blog 007

We wandered around the property and everything looked straight out of a magazine! Michelle and Ian, you both are just beautiful inside and out!

Ian Michelle blog 008Ian Michelle blog 009Ian Michelle blog 010

Down the street at the Webb Barn, amazing wedding planner Carisa Lockery made the place look stunning!

Ian Michelle blog 011Ian Michelle blog 012Ian Michelle blog 013

There was no better place to be all night than the dance floor! Below right, I spotted another Erin Covey Creative bride and groom gettin’ their dance on! Thank you to the Papertsians and Kings who recommended me! I LOVE photographing your family! Such a delight to work for!

Ian Michelle blog 014Ian Michelle blog 015

What a terrific day with beautiful people! Thank you Michelle, Ian, and the entire family!

Ceremony: Silas Robbins House

Reception: The Webb Barn

Wedding planner: Carisa Lockery

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Love Story: Anna & Pat

When I got the phone call from Anna, I recognized her name immediately. She is the sister of one of my former amazing brides (well, bride-turned-friend) whose wedding I photographed several years ago. I remembered her gorgeous smile and how great she was to work with. Years later, the beauty of that wedding day sticks in my mind. The realization that I will be working with this family again practically leaves tears in my eyes, they are that wonderful. I can’t convey how honored I am to continue to cover a family’s big moments. It humbles me.

After seeing how Anna and Pat interact for their engagement shoot, I couldn’t be more excited. They have an inspiring and beautiful chemistry…

Anna Pat blog 001

The sunset light at Utica’s Proctor Park was positively to die for!

Anna Pat blog 002Anna Pat blog 003

We hit the city’s train station as well for some romantic shots…

Anna Pat blog 004Anna Pat blog 005Anna Pat blog 006

Anna and Pat, you guys are too much. Thank you for choosing me to document your love! Can’t wait until the big day!


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Adrienne & Adam: Geneva, NY Wedding

When I met Adrienne and Adam for the first time, it struck me how tender they were with each other. With Adrienne’s fun, up for anything spirit, and Adam’s laid back coolness, (and his love for lighting), I knew it would be an amazing day for love and a fantastic day for photography! It didn’t disappoint. The day was filled with the most amazing moments, I couldn’t put my camera down for a second!

Let’s start the day with these fine gentlemen…

Adrienne Adam blog 001

Adam opened up his wedding day gift from Adrienne, she really nailed it!

Adrienne Adam blog 002

On to these spectacular ladies…

Adrienne Adam blog 003Adrienne Adam blog 004

When I asked Adrienne if she wouldn’t mind looking out of the window of the stunning Belhurst Castle, she was all in. I love it when people build time in their day for unique photographs!

Adrienne Adam blog 005Adrienne Adam blog 006

A perfect day for these two!

Adrienne Adam blog 007Adrienne Adam blog 008

I must give a huge thank you to this incredible bridal party. They were helpful, accommodating, and an absolute joy to work with!

Adrienne Adam blog 009Adrienne Adam blog 010Adrienne Adam blog 011

The formal dances were so beautiful, filled with emotion…

Adrienne Adam blog 012Adrienne Adam blog 013

We ran out during their reception for some more shots. I love that they loved the photo taking process as much as any other part of their day!

Adrienne Adam blog 014

You two are just gorgeous!

Adrienne Adam blog 015

I am so honored I was able to be at your amazing day!



Cori Fedyna - Erin,

I meant to email you and tell you that after I looked at all your photos and culled the ones that I thought best represented the day, the photos in my selected series captured the feel of the moment and the energy and excitement we all had for Adam and Adrienne.

Thank you. Cori

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