Alex & Sal: Trumbull, CT Wedding

They were college sweethearts and they were destined to be together. That fact is apparent from the very first moment you meet them. Kindhearted, affectionate, and two of the most fun people you have ever met, Alexandra and Salvatore are what I call a dream couple. They wanted a simple, effortless day with a kick ass party, and that’s exactly what they got. There were countless moments that I was in awe of, loved ones were constantly expressive and happy. Everywhere I looked there was something magical happening. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be a part of this magnificent day. Take a look…

Trumbull Marriott Wedding

Trumbull Marriott WeddingTrumbull Marriott Wedding

There were a number of unveilings that day, from the bridesmaids, to the father of the bride and, of course, a First Look with the groom!

Trumbull Marriott Wedding

We had time to sneak in a few portraits before the ceremony and I love the timeless look of these…

Trumbull Marriott WeddingTrumbull Marriott Wedding

Trumbull Marriott Wedding

We did these portraits on the back lawn of the Mariott Hotel, and it was the perfect getaway spot to capture some romantic portraits…

Trumbull Marriott WeddingTrumbull Marriott Wedding

Trumbull Marriott Wedding

The day was emotional. Alex and Sal’s friends and family are lively, loving and truly wonderful people…

Trumbull Marriott Wedding

Trumbull Marriott WeddingTrumbull Marriott Wedding

The Marriott looked amazing…

Trumbull Marriott Wedding

I’ve seen a lot of choreographed dances in my time, and this ranks among the top, hands down…

Trumbull Marriott Wedding

You know I love the speeches and formal dances, where the emotion is palpable…

Trumbull Marriott WeddingTrumbull Marriott Wedding

Everyone was up on the dance floor, which made for some amazing shots…

Trumbull Marriott WeddingTrumbull Marriott Wedding

Ceremony & reception: Trumbull Marriott

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Friday Randoms, Vol. 58

They’re baaa-aack! Say it ain’t so!

candy corn

If you get me these I most definitely will NOT be your Valentine. Also, enough with the cinnamon hearts already. Blech.


We’re coming up on February, which means the New Year’s Resolutions have waned. (or is it just me?) Turn that frown upside down, I’ve recently found some tools to help get your act in gear!

I’m a fan of action-based initiatives instead of hollow declarations. This means instead of announcing, “I’m going to get in better shape,” or “I’m going to lose weight,” implementing daily mini-goals lead to better results (at least for me). An app called Habit List is a ridiculously easy way to track and cross off your daily goals. I choose just five habits I want to change. When I achieve one, (I quit caffeine and after two months decided I no longer even thought about it) I add another one. Take a look…


On the first screen you see my daily action-based initiatives. (Read every night, stretch every day, don’t eat sweets). Then I have my 5 days a week goals. (Go running, blog). This has endless possibilities, and you can program how often you want to complete the habit. The second screen is how well each week is stacking up (the middle stats are my running completion rate) and the final screen is a look at my blogging success. I’m just showing some examples, you can toggle between the calendar and stats on any habit. Whether it’s to floss every day, journal, give someone a compliment…it’s motivating keeping track of streaks. And with the swipe of your finger, you can easily cross off that day’s goal.

Now, for an overall great app that keeps track of your to do list, I LOVE Trello!

For keeping diligent track of your diet, I’ve blogged about MyFitnessPal and do love the app. It’s just that inputting ALL of my food can be tedious. (All together now… Ain’t NOBODY got time for THAT!)


Have you heard? The Delorean is coming back! My love for muscle cars is as strong as ever! If I see one of these on the roads my life would be made.


There is nothing I hate more than waking up to an alarm clock. I know I’m lucky, but sometimes I’m in my pajamas until noon. This is a genius invention for those early mornings! (Wedding season, I’m looking at you)

If you like to keep your thumb on new and cool movies, music and design stuff, bookmark Paste Magazine, they have your back.

arm sleeves

Nearly every time I’m running and I wear arm sleeves, someone cracks that my sleeves are lame sauce. But, I’m here to tell you, when it’s in-between weather (too hot for a jacket but too cool for a t-shirt), they’re great. You just roll down the sleeves after you’ve warmed up. Bonus if they’re a crazy print. Get them here or here.

The band Lucius is coming out with a new album, so start with this song and get lured in.

I’ve taken up enough of your precious Friday, see you in February!

Bob Allen - Love the Lucius tune/vid. Consider me lured.

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Amy & Gregg: Brant Lake, NY Wedding

Away from the highways, the traffic, and the hustle and bustle of every day life, sits a gorgeous lakefront property in the Adirondacks that I just adore. The rustic yet chic setting is a perfect combination to host weddings. Jimbo’s at the Point is scenic, serene and lush. Add two lovely people who are as laid back as they come, and you have a perfect recipe for a memorable wedding. On a quiet fall day, in an intimate setting, Amy and Gregg were married on the beach with the mountains as a backdrop. It was beautiful, authentic and loving. Some favorites during the day…

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

Amy was breathtaking during her bridal portraits…

Brant Lake, NY wedding photographyThis is one of my all-time favorite aisle walk downs!

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

A wedding on the beach overlooking the Adirondacks…

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

I mean, come ON…look at this view! (The landscape…and them!)

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

I love the complete joy these two show when they are in each other’s orbit…

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

Sea shells were paired with aquamarine and kiwi-green color accents, the reception area looked wonderful…

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

Emotional formal dances tug at my heart. Always.

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

A simple, classic dessert table tied the look together…

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

The last dance was so filled with emotion, every guest crowded the bride and groom…

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

And then the delicate night rain fell, much to my heart’s delight…

Brant Lake, NY wedding photography

A sincere thank you to this fantastic group of people who made everything delightful:

Dress: Maggie Sottero at DeAnna’s

Florals: Henry F. Clas

Ceremony & Reception: Jimbo’s at the Point

DJ: Matt Cherchio

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Friday Randoms, Vol. 56

It’s the new year so I feel this quote is appropriate, as we’re all thinking about making 2016 memorable:

“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.”

This really hits home with me, especially since last week I had zero time to exercise, which led me to eat terribly, and then generally felt guilty/gross/overwhelmed for days on end. There are a few things which get me out the door, however. The downside is that it usually involves spending money. It is what it is. Whenever I buy some new workout gear, it really motivates me!


This Lululemon tech tee is amazing. It is pricey, yes, but I’ve had such a great experience with this running shirt that I’m here to tell you, you will never get another one again once you have this on. It does not chafe, it is so soft, and it stays put so I’m not running around doing belly drive-by’s down Genesee Street. (Too common an occurrence, I assure you)

**Time for the food portion of this blog post!!**

My heart died a little when I found out that some movie theater’s no longer pop their own fresh popcorn. (This seriously was a big old sad face, as one of my favorite things is hot-and-ready movie popcorn)


Things I can’t get enough of: This lazy-man’s dinner (vegetarian fajitas)…

Fajita night-pola

I make this lunch nearly every day and, while it is highly caloric (seeds, cheese and avocado… sue me), it is the one thing that fills me up after my run and keeps me focused for at least the next 8 minutes.


Homemade chocolate chip cookies, you are my spirit animal…


I made them twice this week. You didn’t get any because I ate them. I ate them all.

Does anyone else have a bizarre fascination with those Tip Hero or Tasty videos that show you how to make something fabulous in a 30 second time-lapse video? And it all looks so easy? Let me tell you, I’ve tried a few. They are neither easy, nor do they turn out fabulous. Doesn’t stop me from watching every single one on my Facebook feed though.

Utica Coffee Roasters has been up and running in Clinton and I finally got the chance to visit there! (Thank you, Meredith!) They really do have amazing flavors.

Juxtapose magazine is something you should check out if you get a chance (you’re reading this…you have the time!)

lowe pola

To change up my runs I have been listening to audiobooks. I stumbled on Rob Lowe’s self-narrated book. There are some parts which are sidesplittingly funny and make me forget I’m running in 20 degree weather. On a totally bonus note, I was tweeting about how much I liked it, and Mr. Sodapop Curtis himself “liked” (clicked the heart) my tweet. So, there’s my brush with fame.


I’m adding to my website again. It won’t be every day but I will definitely be keeping fresh content on there weekly if you want to check it out or want to pose for me! (Pretty please!)

And finally, the following situations went down that I am officially giving a “no comment” on…


Until next time!

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