Love Story: Jackie & Joe

I met Jackie and Joe for the first time at their engagement session, but you would never tell by the photos! The warmth they have as people is as obvious as the love they have for each other! They’re just lovely. Their enthusiasm and their relaxed personalities are a delight! Some favorites during a gorgeous morning at the Ilion Marina…

Ilion Engagement Photos

Ilion, NY engagement photography

Jackie smiles and laughs readily, these two shine so bright…

Ilion, NY engagement photography

Ilion, NY engagement photographyIlion, NY engagement photography

Jakie & Joe, can’t wait until the real thing, thank you for allowing me to document your love!


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Friday Randoms, Vol. 43

If it’s not wedding season, it’s reading (and running) season. In fact, when I’m traveling around during the summer wedding season, there is nothing better than combing used bookstores in search of cheap reads. The books are saved for months later, for when the snow is falling and I have zero desire to leave the apartment! (Like a 12-year-old with an Xbox, I can sit for hours!)

For better or worse, some of my latest purchases…


David Sedaris – Naked

The humor is dark. The tone is self-deprecating. This collection of stories includes a play-by-play of the situations Sedaris finds himself in. Musings about nudists, hitchhiking and childhood ticks are not for the faint of heart. Some of his memories are painful/uncomfortable but presented in outstanding dialogue. It’s also great for the noncommittals out there, who don’t want to pledge their time to reading an a full on novel. The memoirs are broken down into essays that you can read one at a time.


David Rakoff: Fraud

Similar as above. An intimate look at the author’s life experiences in essay form but he is not nearly as perverse as Sedaris! In fact, the author takes a really thoughtful and eloquent look at weirdness (people and place). His encounter with Steven Seagal had me in tears, I was roaring.

into wild

Into the Wild – Jon Krakauer

I picked this up because I knew it would be quick and easy, and I remember all of the hype when this story gained traction in the mainstream. Chris McCandless gives up modern conveniences and begins his journey into the Alaskan Wilderness. A reporter retraces his steps and interviews many of the characters he came into contact with. I really loved the book and wished it was longer.


Into the Wild should not be confused with…

Wild – Cheryl Strayed

As soon as this book landed on Oprah’s book club I should have backed away! But no, like the author hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I trudged on. I feel like this book could have been great but the lack of sophistication in her writing style and general lack of drama had me bored. Hiking the 1,000 mile trail – unprepared and alone – and then writing about how unprepared and alone she feels…is not the stuff of great novels. Seemed contrived and uneventful. Still, it’s an easy read and everyone else but me (apparently) loves it. So what do I know?


Running with Scissors – Augusten Burroughs

I am going to ignore the controversy over whether the author’s memories of his dysfunctional childhood is completely true, because I don’t care. His beat by beat account of some truly outrageous things that happen – whether or not they did actually happen – is intense. The people and stories are dismal, bizarre and outrageous, definitely not suitable for everyone.

my struggle

My Struggle – Karl Ove Knausgaard

So many in the literary world praised this author for his unique voice that I had to check it out. All I can say is that his writing is excellent, I just wish the subject material was a little more gripping. Still, I couldn’t put it down for days. This is one of 6 autobiographical books that total 3,500 pages. I won’t be reading the other 5. I feel like I’ve already given this man too much, ha ha!

What books need to be on my reading list? Anything you couldn’t put down recently? Great bookstores I need to check out?

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Love Story: Asmira & Muhamed

I’ve shot quite a bit at Cazenovia Lake, yet every time I return I find something new and interesting that excites me. This engagement session was no different, there are some great nooks there! Asmira and Muhamed are absolutely gorgeous and endearing, here are a few faves during our time together…

Engagement PhotosEngagement PhotosEngagement PhotosEngagement Photos

Engagement Photos

Thank you to these two lovelies for a great afternoon!


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Heather & Scott: Echo Lake, NY Wedding

I’ve been looking forward to craft a blog post about this day for far too long! A day that was free-spirited, emotional, and loving beyond anything you can imagine. Heather and Scott are the kind of couple you just love to love. They’re people you want at every party, just for their presence, because their spirit is remarkable. They are merry and loving. Heather gives hugs freely and Scott has a permanent grin. They’re just those kind of people. The kind you always want to be around. I knew their day would be relaxed and hip, reflecting their laid back personalities and style. Basically someone should be holding a boom box blasting The Black Keys music as Heather and Scott walk hand-in-hand through life. They are that kind of effortlessly cool…

Echo Lake WeddingEcho Lake Wedding

Heather is a classic beauty, she looked straight out of a movie. Big high fives to Joanna and Sarah over at Lipstick and Lashes who made everyone look (and feel) like a star!

Echo Lake Wedding

I love when I get to go and document the guys getting ready!

Echo Lake WeddingEcho Lake Wedding

A tearful moment before the ceremony as Scott wrote Heather an incredible message. Admittedly, I have no idea what the message said, but I don’t have to…her response was everything…

Echo Lake Wedding

The wedding was one of the most touching, intimate, and personal ceremonies I’ve ever documented. There were laughs…

Echo Lake Wedding

There were tears…

Echo Lake Wedding

Most of all there was love. Palpable love. All of the guests stood in a circle to support two people making a lifetime commitment…

Echo Lake WeddingEcho Lake Wedding

Some bride and groom portraits around the grounds!

Echo Lake Wedding

A spectacular dessert table!

Echo Lake Wedding

The first dance was choreographed to perfection. They nailed it, thrilling the guests!

Echo Lake WeddingEcho Lake Wedding

These two had no problem leaving to take a walk as the soon set over Echo Lake. How romantic are they?! Ahh sunset light, I adore you…

Echo Lake Wedding

The reception was phenomenal, due to the amazing talented DJ, Mark Brenneisen, who killed it! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when dj’s ask all the guests to get up on the dance floor so we can have one big party picture.

Echo Lake WeddingEcho Lake Wedding

Heather and Scott, what a thrill your wedding day was! Thank you for allowing me to document it!


Special thank you’s to these fantastic pros who helped made the day so enjoyable!

Hair and makeup: Lipstick and Lashes

Entertainment: Mark Brenneisen

Ceremony and reception: The Lodge on Echo Lake

Mark Brenneisen - Erin you nailed the entire day to perfection in these shots. You are truly a talented photographer and get my vote for awesomeness. Thank you so much for sharing and being so easy to work with on the biggest day of two sweet peoples lives. Well done my friend, well done!

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Patricia & Christopher: Wallingford, CT Wedding

On our first meeting, I was instantly smitten with Trish and Chris. I already knew they were great people, as we share a mutual friend. After I started working more closely with them? The experience was inspiring and exciting. Sure they bring easy smiles and fun loving attitudes, but the attributes that struck me most about their day? Trish and Chris, and the loved ones they surround themselves with, are wonderfully expressive and loving people. They have unlimited grace and class, the day was truly wonderful from start to finish. The only thing I was sad about – as can happen when you fall in love with a couple – is that the day went by far too quickly!

Waterview Connecticut Wedding

I absolutely adored photographing Trish’s accessories, her taste and style is exquisite! I almost ran off with her Kate Spade shoes, but thought that might be poor form before the ceremony.

Waterview Connecticut WeddingWaterview Connecticut Wedding

The girls in this wedding party? Fun, gorgeous and helpful. Could not have asked for a better bunch!

Waterview Connecticut Wedding

Love these beautiful, happy faces…

Waterview Connecticut Wedding

I really liked the exquisite detail of Trish’s wedding dress, so when her sister gently primped the gown, I thought it was just a lovely moment to showcase both. Her sister was a rocsktar in making sure the dress looked perfect from all angles during the ceremony, I really can’t thank her enough! I love these types of shots to round out the photography coverage for the day.

Waterview Connecticut WeddingWaterview Connecticut WeddingWaterview Connecticut Wedding

Couple’s portraits. Exquisite.

Every. Last. One.

Waterview Connecticut WeddingWaterview Connecticut Wedding

I’ve shot a few times at The Waterview and it always looks magnificent…

Waterview Connecticut WeddingWaterview Connecticut WeddingWaterview Connecticut WeddingWaterview Connecticut Wedding

Thank you to two people who have humbled and inspired me, weddings like this are what I live for!


Thank you to these fine people who made the day stunning and effortless…

Makeup/hair: Bellisima Salon

Ceremony: Most Holy Trinity Church

Reception: The Waterview

Florist: Flowers by Danielle

Dress: Majesty Bridal Boutique

DJ: After Hours DJ Entertainment

Videographer: Eclipse Imaging Productions

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