Love Story: Jordan & Nate

I met Jordan awhile back while she was a reporter for a newspaper I shoot for. Immediately, you knew this girl was something special. She is smart. Like, WAY beyond her years, smart. The girl just gets it and I immediately took a liking to her! Little did I know, we’d go from swapping news stories to talking wedding deets!

To say I am THRILLED Jordan and Nate picked me to photograph their love would be a huge understatement. First of all, they are into all things literary, (and that’s sort of my thing) so they’re my kind of people. Secondly, they are the nicest, cuddliest (probably not a word) people. They are affectionate and loving, to the point where I’m like, “Guys do your thing, I’ll just be shooting over here!” They’re just adorable from every angle!!

A few favorites from their fun literary themed engagement session…

Waterbury, CT Engagement Photos

Waterbury, CT Engagement Photos

John Bale Book Company in downtown Waterbury graciously and generously allowed us to shoot in their shop!

Waterbury, CT Engagement Photos

After a quick outfit change, we headed outside for a chilly morning walk throughout downtown!

Waterbury, CT Engagement Photos

The way Nate looks at his girl…it is just the sweetest thing to witness…

Waterbury, CT Engagement Photos

I love these two!

Waterbury, CT Engagement Photos

Jordan and Nate, the wedding will be here before you know it! THANK YOU for popping into my life, I am so grateful!


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Love Story: Erin & Clay

Immediately upon meeting Erin and Clay, I fell for their easy and relaxed style. They are as natural as can be, loving, and so, so kind. They wandered around a perfect winter backdrop: the rustic chic Pine Hills Golf Course, where they will be getting married later this fall! Their little peanut Livy came out for pictures, and I’ll admit, she completely stole the show!

A few favorites amid the snowy hillside…

Frankfort engagement photography

Frankfort engagement photographyFrankfort engagement photographyFrankfort engagement photographyFrankfort engagement photography

The next two are my favorites! I told Erin and Clay to just dance like no one is watching and I love the sequence of shots that became of it. They are so in love, their body movements totally in synch! And then, we got a few shots with the dog, ha ha! He’s clearly excited for the wedding!

Frankfort engagement photography

Erin catching an unprompted glimpse of the bling! She is gorgeous from all angles! (hey, so is the ring and the man who put it on her finger!)

Frankfort engagement photographyFrankfort engagement photography

And then we have Livy…with one glance can steal the hearts of the Internet…

Frankfort engagement photography

Erin and Clay, I am so excited for fall foliage around the golf course! You two are beyond!


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Friday Randoms, Vol. 46


Happy first day of spring! Sure does look like it over in these parts…


Whomp whoooommmmp! Wrong again!

Speaking of being foiled…when did they stop making Nutty Buddys? How did I miss this? So, what you’re saying is, I have to settle for Drumsticks now?


Two favorite candies going head to head in a straw poll on my Instagram right now. Reese’s is the clear winner thus far!


As I type, I have my world’s famous chili recipe in the crockpot!


Why yes, those ARE pre-cut matchstick carrots, because nothing screams “world class” recipe like being too lazy to cut your own vegetables.

I bought a new red teapot, which matches my dish towels perfectly. The me from ten years ago would be embarrassed by this, but the current me spinning toward middle age is quite pleased, indeed…


I have new thank you cards/notes for my business this year and I can’t WAIT to send them out to my clients! These were crafted by the terrific Kenya over at Cakes and Caviar! I am really into high end stationery and I feel these perfectly represent me and my brand. They are minimal yet stylish. Of course I chose black and silver! And if you’re one of my brides, this is coming to a mailbox near you soon!


The following is 98.7 percent dead…


Leave no plant behind, I say!

Favorite meal of the week…


Almond encrusted chicken with roasted brussels sprouts  (forgot to take picture of homemade aioli sauce but I swear it happened) along with a caprese salad. (Is it pronounced cuh-prees or cuh-pree-see? My Sicilian mother is rolling her eyes right about…now.)

Second favorite meal will be said famous chili that I’ll destroy in a few hours (with honey cornbread, natch).


I’m sure you have been waiting with bated breath to find out how the Neil Diamond concert was…


It. Was. Monumentally. Epic.


Neil Diamond is still the bomb-dot-com! 74 years young, baby! (He’s about as cool as my expressions)

Catch up with you next Friday, happy weekending!

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Jackie & Tom: Cazenovia, NY Wedding

For Jackie and Tom, Grace is more than a last name. They are a couple who love freely, give of themselves readily and shine brightly. How do you begin to describe a day that was so moving, (both personally and professionally) but also incredibly loving and insanely fun? How does a couple convey all of that in one day? Well, that is the magic of these two. Somehow, they did it. Jackie is kind, regal and dignified, her groom is personable and thoughtful. Together, I know there are big things ahead! I must say for the record I’ve never laughed so hard during the reception. So many great moments!

A few favorites from their day…

Cazenovia Wedding

Cazenovia WeddingCazenovia Wedding

As you can clearly see, Jackie is drop dead gorgeous. There were so many moments throughout the afternoon I was positively giddy at how effortlessly stunning she is!

Cazenovia Wedding

Look at these girls…magnificent! Out of a magazine, ladies!

Cazenovia Wedding

The excitement heading into church…

Cazenovia WeddingCazenovia Wedding

Cazenovia Wedding

Perfect bubble exit!

Cazenovia Wedding

Jackie and Tom didn’t let the threat of rain hamper their romantic portraits throughout Cazenovia Lake…

Cazenovia Wedding

Evidence this bridal party was awesome!

Cazenovia WeddingCazenovia Wedding

Everything looked perfect, Bella’s Event Planning took care of it!

Cazenovia WeddingCazenovia WeddingCazenovia WeddingCazenovia WeddingCazenovia Wedding

A special thank you to the following amazing people who made the day spectacular!

Reception: Lincklaen House

Event Planner: Bella’s Event Planning

Hair & makeup: Billy Szczerba

Florals: Coriale Flowers

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Love Story: Rebecca & Ariela

When I asked Ariela and Rebecca how they met, they both looked at each other and then unraveled with laughter, as if they were saying, “Should you tell the story? No, you!” I soon realized that’s how they are at life and love, laughing throughout and enjoying each other. These two beauties have the distinction of being my first wedding of 2015, and not a day has gone by in the last month that I haven’t been scouring inspiration boards and art sites in anticipation!! I am so excited to start the 2015 season, counting down the days!

A few favorites from our NYC engagement session…

NYC engagement photographyNYC engagement photographyNYC engagement photography

Ok, can I just say one thing? I love dimples!

NYC engagement photography

Ariela and Rebecca, you are kind, beautiful and I can’t wait to document your amazing love and commitment SOON!


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