Love Story: Anna & Pat

When I got the phone call from Anna, I recognized her name immediately. She is the sister of one of my former amazing brides (well, bride-turned-friend) whose wedding I photographed several years ago. I remembered her gorgeous smile and how great she was to work with. Years later, the beauty of that wedding day sticks in my mind. The realization that I will be working with this family again practically leaves tears in my eyes, they are that wonderful. I can’t convey how amazing it is for me to continue to cover a family’s big moments. It humbles me.

After seeing how Anna and Pat interact for their engagement shoot, I couldn’t be more excited. They have an inspiring and beautiful chemistry…

Anna Pat blog 001

The sunset light at Utica’s Proctor Park was positively to die for!

Anna Pat blog 002Anna Pat blog 003

We hit the city’s train station as well for some romantic shots…

Anna Pat blog 004Anna Pat blog 005Anna Pat blog 006

Anna and Pat, you guys are too much. Thank you for choosing me to document your love! Can’t wait until the big day!


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Adrienne & Adam: Geneva, NY Wedding

When I met Adrienne and Adam for the first time, it struck me how tender they were with each other. With Adrienne’s fun, up for anything spirit, and Adam’s laid back coolness, (and his love for lighting), I knew it would be an amazing day for love and a fantastic day for photography! It didn’t disappoint. The day was filled with the most amazing moments, I couldn’t put my camera down for a second!

Let’s start the day with these fine gentlemen…

Adrienne Adam blog 001

Adam opened up his wedding day gift from Adrienne, she really nailed it!

Adrienne Adam blog 002

On to these spectacular ladies…

Adrienne Adam blog 003Adrienne Adam blog 004

When I asked Adrienne if she wouldn’t mind looking out of the window of the stunning Belhurst Castle, she was all in. I love it when people build time in their day for unique photographs!

Adrienne Adam blog 005Adrienne Adam blog 006

A perfect day for these two!

Adrienne Adam blog 007Adrienne Adam blog 008

I must give a huge thank you to this incredible bridal party. They were helpful, accommodating, and an absolute joy to work with!

Adrienne Adam blog 009Adrienne Adam blog 010Adrienne Adam blog 011

The formal dances were so beautiful, filled with emotion…

Adrienne Adam blog 012Adrienne Adam blog 013

We ran out during their reception for some more shots. I love that they loved the photo taking process as much as any other part of their day!

Adrienne Adam blog 014

You two are just gorgeous!

Adrienne Adam blog 015

I am so honored I was able to be at your amazing day!



Cori Fedyna - Erin,

I meant to email you and tell you that after I looked at all your photos and culled the ones that I thought best represented the day, the photos in my selected series captured the feel of the moment and the energy and excitement we all had for Adam and Adrienne.

Thank you. Cori

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Love Story: Jamie & Mike

It’s been a criminally long time since I’ve blogged. But the way I see it, I have three incredibly busy months a year, where I am essentially a spinning top. So, I can add onto the daily lists of tasks and blog, or I can chill out, serve my clients and worry about blogging everything later. I chose the latter option. In the midst of a busy wedding season, I wanted to pause and flashback to this summer, where I photographed a beautiful girl, a great guy, and an awesome dog at Skaneateles Lake. These two just don’t stop smiling and I ‘m thrilled to be able to document their big day in 2015!

Jamie and Mike are incredible to photograph. They laugh and love freely, making it all so easy for me! Their amazing personalities spill out in the photos. A few favorites during our time together…

Skaneateles Engagement PhotosSkaneateles Engagement PhotosSkaneateles Engagement PhotosSkaneateles Engagement Photos

Jamie and Mike, you are beautiful beyond words. I am so honored to be able to photograph your love, commitment and beauty!


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Angela: Senior Pics

On a perfect day in CNY, this gorgeous teen let me document her senior pictures. She is as beautiful as she is fun…as sweet as she is stylish. She was actually a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed way back when, and the beauty which has emerged from this young woman in just a couple of years blows my mind. I didn’t think it was possible for her to get even lovelier…

And yet, here she is. Dazzling.

Syracuse headshot photographySyracuse headshot photographySyracuse headshot photography

Look closely and you can see a bee between her and the flowers…she didn’t even flinch!

Syracuse headshot photographySyracuse headshot photographySyracuse headshot photography

Angela, you are a stunning, kind and amazing young woman! Big things are ahead!


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Ashley: Senior Pics

Where do I even begin? Ashley brought it for the shoot. Brought the fun, the style, the beauty. Hands down, I loved every single photo. A natural smiler and laugher, this senior was a pleasure to photograph!

She picked a great spot in Old Forge which I didn’t even know existed. Amid the abandoned rail cars in the woods, magic was made…

Syracuse headshot photography

Syracuse headshot photography

I’ll answer the question which I know you’re thinking…are those eyes real? Yes, I asked. And they are absolutely breathtaking in real life.

Syracuse headshot photography

We ended up at Fourth Lake and the pictures kept getting better!

Syracuse headshot photographySyracuse headshot photographySyracuse headshot photographyAshley, hope your senior year is as phenomenal as you!



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