Friday Randoms, Vol. 50

Good God we are at Volume 50 of these nonsense Friday Randoms posts already. 50, people! 50! Let me note the following before I get started: I could post the most beautiful wedding in the world, my life’s best work, the most amazing photo I’ve ever captured…and people would still tell me about some stupid thing I mentioned in Friday Randoms.

So I must accept my fate with head held high (and grimace on my face). Onward…


Dezeen Magazine is an architecture and design magazine so if you like looking at cool spaces, unique typeface and interesting design from buildings to logos and everything in between, you’ll love it.


A meal I’ve had almost every day this week is a Caprese salad. What I have learned with growing my own basil is that the green kind is better than the purple kind. This is a very scientific opinion. Also, heirloom or artisan tomatoes are where it’s at. I would question paying $8 for pretty much anything but for an artisan tomato? F yeah!


I finished the Boilermaker 15k last Sunday. Year #24. Still haven’t beat the Kenyans, but getting closer. So far no pictures have surfaced of me actually running the thing. This is best for all of us.


I’ve been trying to go to bed by 11pm each night. Hasn’t been happening. “Making a schedule will help you!” they say. Why is it that I can be drop dead exhausted ALL FREIKIN’ DAY and then the minute I get into bed I feel like I have enough energy to paint the house?!?!


Office supplies make me inexplicably happy. Like colorful eraser heads to put on my eraserless pencils.


It’s not an understatement to say David Foster Wallace was one of the all time best American writers. Just my opinion, obviously I’m not some literary guru. Most of the time you’ll find me in the grocery store checkout aisle, giving knowing looks to other patrons as I read, “Stars: they’re just like us!!” in Us Weekly Magazine.

Acknowledged and owned.

 That said, to me, in a world with so much noise, he was original, powerful, dark and brilliant. His voice captivates me in a way few authors can. A movie is coming out about him and I can’t wait.


I made a mango/peach/spinach smoothie today and it changed my life for the better. If you give me a lecture about how much sugar I’m taking in slurping one of those babies down each day, it’ll sadden the experience.

This next one is for the men: One of my friend’s bought an item at Filson, which is an outdoor shop, and they send a handwritten note with every. order. I want to buy things from them for this reason alone. Everything they make is right here in the states too!

Speaking of companies, I was going to give you a link to a Swedish company’s website that sells beautiful bathroom accessories but my browser quite on me four times when I was on their website so my outrage will not let me type the words. Get me on another day.

Be well, friends, until next time…

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Amy & Adam: Branchport, NY Wedding

I met Amy and Adam just once before their wedding. After a few minutes, I felt as if I had known them for years. Immediately, we were in synch. We spoke of romantic and timeless photographs and their wish to have a relaxed, joyful wedding day, something that totally reflected their love. They promised the church would be unique and that I’d love shooting there (I did). Then, they picked out the best First Look location ever (It was a dream come true). They told me I would love this willow tree on the reception grounds (True and true!). And finally, their adventurous spirit had us hiking up gravel hills, through sand, and near water to get to great places to photograph. Dream team couple? Check! Put everything together and it was a gorgeous day with two lovely people and their closest v.i.p.’s

Here are a few favorites from their intimate and charming day at Miles Wine Cellars in the heart of the Finger Lakes region…

Miles Wine Cellars Wedding

The stylists at Tropic Salon in Penn Yan were fantastic! To complement Amy’s perfectly tailored Maggie Sottero dress, she had her Wonder Woman sneaks at the ready…

Miles Wine Cellars Wedding

Amy and Adam picked a breathtaking location for their First Look. Away from the wedding bustle, we drove to a secluded, beautiful vineyard. Here’s a look from both my perspective and the second shooter’s…

Miles Wine Cellars Wedding

We paused for a few portraits on the property before jetting off to the ceremony!

Miles Wine Cellars Wedding

Miles Wine Cellars Wedding

Miles Wine Cellars WeddingMiles Wine Cellars Wedding

I love how the rich red colors complement the lush green backdrop! It didn’t hurt that Amy’s grandfather had a great antique car we were able to play with!

Miles Wine Cellars Wedding

Red accents tied the whole day together…

Miles Wine Cellars Wedding

Amy and Adam’s portraits were my favorite part of the day. I’d like to thank the Wonder Woman shoes for their help in traveling to these fantastic locations!

Miles Wine Cellars Wedding

I’ve mentioned before that photographing the formal dances are a highlight for me. That raw in-the-moment emotion that unfolds is so beautiful…

Miles Wine Cellars WeddingMiles Wine Cellars Wedding

I had envisioned dramatic shots under the willow tree before I even saw it. After telling Amy and Adam of the plan, of course they were all in!

Miles Wine Cellars Wedding

Amy and Adam, thank you for a day filled with quality, loving people. You two are a dream.


Thank you also to this superior team for a phenomenal day!

Hair and makeup: Tropic Salon

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Ceremony: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Cake: Flour Shop Cafe

Reception: Miles Wine Cellars

DJ: Creekside Entertainment

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Meg & Joe: Lake Placid, NY Wedding

I’ve been excited to share this wedding with you for so many reasons. For one, the day was so much fun. The candids were incredible. You couldn’t find two people more suited for each other or more relaxed and joyful. I just love this couple so much. They are kind and genuine and surround themselves with equally amazing people. One of the great elements in documenting a wedding, outside of the obvious love and excitement between the bride and groom, is the people around them. I loved how expressive and supportive everyone was. When I’m behind the lens and these thoughtful reactions from people are unfolding, I get really wired inside. This is wedding documentary in it’s best form. When people totally forget that I’m there taking pictures and get swept away in a couple’s narrative? That is an incredible and powerful gift to the bride and groom. I’m honored I was there to experience it.

A few favorites from Megan and Joe’s Lake Placid wedding…

Lake Placid Wedding

The bridesmaids were fabulous, they were “oohing and aaahing” each step of the process! Meg looked magnificent thanks to Jen Despres from Roffi Salon and Day Spa out of Boston!

Lake Placid Wedding

A quiet moment to read some thoughts from their spouse-to-be…

Lake Placid Wedding

Meg looked gorgeous from all angles, I was in awe…

Lake Placid Wedding

The color scheme they chose was out of this world with florals by East Branch Organics. They went perfectly with the decor, the dresses, even the napkins! The whole vibe was awesome!

Lake Placid WeddingLake Placid Wedding

These photos speak for themselves…

Lake Placid Wedding

Lake Placid Wedding

There was no shortage of photos with Joe beaming at his new bride and I love every single one…

Lake Placid Wedding

It was a treat having angles from the second shooter on the balcony, it truly adds to the day’s story telling. Here’s a side-by-side of Meg and Joe walking down the aisle from our perspectives…

Lake Placid Wedding

The millionth candid I love…it was raining and these two are smiling and laughing nonstop…which is totally them…

Lake Placid Wedding

Lake Placid Wedding

Their party was sick! People danced nonstop, Kenny The Promo Guy kept everyone on their feet all night!

Lake Placid Wedding

Lake Placid Wedding

Lake Placid Wedding

A few words about the last couple of hours during the reception. These next two shots capture exactly why I am not an hourly photographer. I stay until the very end, because amazing things like this happen. On the left, Meg’s father (wig and all) rocking out to 80′s music in front of a delighted crowd, and, on the right, the couple’s final dance and kiss, marking the beginning to the rest of their story. It fills me with warmth that they allowed me to stay and capture this…

Lake Placid Wedding

A humble thank you to these amazing people who helped put together a perfect day…

Hair and makeup: Jen Despres from Roffi Salon and Day Spa in Boston

Dress: Stella York

Florals: East Branch Organics

Cake: Simply Gourmet

Ceremony:  St. Agnes

Music/Strings during Ceremony: Potsdam String Trio

Reception: Lake Placid Club Resort

Reception DJ: Kenny the Promo Guy

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Amanda & Dave: Eagle Bay Wedding

When two people as phenomenal as Amanda and Dave find you and hire you for their wedding, it’s a magnificent gift. I cherish every moment of it. These two are loving, kind…and beyond fun! Throughout the day guests made mention of what good people they are, which made me feel all that more lucky. The day was spent in the Adirondacks, where sunshine and water was always nearby. The combination provided a perfect backdrop for this gorgeous couple’s ceremony and portraits.

We start at Over the Moon Salon in Old Forge, who did an outstanding job on Amanda’s side…

Eagle Bay Wedding

I had an opportunity to check in with the guys getting ready, which is always a treat for me…

Eagle Bay Wedding

The ceremony was highly personal and sweet…

Eagle Bay Wedding

Eagle Bay Wedding

The bridal party was fun, sweet, accommodating and – let me just point out the obvious – photographed like models!

Eagle Bay Wedding

A few bride and groom portraits around the Eagle Bay Village property…

Eagle Bay Wedding

This dress…Amanda you are BEYOND!

Eagle Bay Wedding

I love all of the shots we were able to get around the water. The couple timed the day perfectly to coincide the formal photos with the light just before sunset, which I was thrilled about!

Eagle Bay Wedding

Amanda actually MADE these centerpiece flowers, which were gorgeous table accents…

Eagle Bay Wedding

First dance was amazing before guests busted out the insane dance moves…

Eagle Bay Wedding

I need to point out the epic party that was their reception! Michael Peart with Events by Cool Cat (seen in the bottom photo with the blue bow tie) kept the party going all night. I’ve worked with these folks before and they really know how to MC a reception, I can not say enough great things! Love you Michael and Amy!

Eagle Bay WeddingEagle Bay Wedding

Amanda and Dave, your beauty inside and out is remarkable. I am humbled and grateful. Thank you for an outstanding day with remarkable people.

Applause and a sincere thank you go to the tremendous team who made the day so terrific:

DJ: Events by Cool Cat (Michael Peart and Amy Robusto)
Videographer: David Langworthy
Ceremony and Reception: Eagle Bay Village
Cake: Dawn Schweinsberg


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Friday Randoms, Vol. 49


In one week I’ll be running the Boilermaker 15k road race for the 12,958th time. You would think I’d be a real runner after all these years/miles but no, I’m not. I still find it difficult to lace up and get it done. I can’t emphasize enough how much clothing plays into it. If I am uncomfortable? Game over, I will stop at mile 0.01 unapologetically. Over the years, though, I’ve accumulated some sweet workout gear which makes my runs a tiny bit easier. Tiny.


 I finally found a capri bottom that has a pocket big enough for my smartphone (even with the case!) Woo hoo! Now I don’t have to wear my running belt in races!


It’s horrifying that I spent this much on a headband but I can’t stand when tiny hairs get all over my sweaty face, so, you gotta do what you gotta do. All they had were neon colors left in the store, that’s my punishment for being so extravagant.

Honorable mention goes to these tank tops that are silky and stretchy and don’t chafe, I swear by them and have ordered quite a few.

By the way if you have any “must have” songs I need to put on my Boilermaker running mix, get on that and send me suggestions, already!


Photographers, have you seen this new Petzval lens? What a cool look! Love that shiny brass! I really can’t imagine adding this to my bag for news, portraits, or weddings, too impractical. But if you have money to burn, do it.


The NY Times free cooking app is awesome if you need quick/easy inspiration! (above was my horrible attempt at making Chinese food…stir fry fail!)

If you’re not on Brain Pickings, you’re doing it wrong. I listened to an NPR interview with the founder of the website and it’s worth your time. Trust.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 3.49.54 PM-pola

Have you ever smelled something and it transported you to a time when you were a child? For the longest time I couldn’t put my finger on why I loved this hand soap from Target so much. I thought about it for weeks. Then one day (as I was nonstop smelling my hands) it clicked. My grandfather smelled like this. It’s all gingery and citrusy and Vicks Vapo-rubbery and it makes me smile every time.

Have a magnificent Fourth of July holiday!

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