Love Stories

Love Story: Brittany & Michelle

Brittany and Michelle’s love is sweet and kind. All it takes is one glance and the college sweethearts don’t stop smiling and laughing. On a gorgeous fall afternoon near Washington DC, we ventured into a quiet area of the woods to document their love, laughter and beautiful souls…

Brittany & Michelle blog 01Brittany & Michelle blog 02Brittany & Michelle blog 03

The thing about these two, is that they don’t stop smiling. They are as natural as can be, I’m just happy to follow them around and capture their warmth and devotion…

Brittany & Michelle blog 04Brittany & Michelle blog 05Brittany & Michelle blog 06

Our final shot, something fun to end with!

Brittany & Michelle blog 07

Brittany and Michelle, you are a dream, thank you for a spectacular day! October will be here before we know it!


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