Love Stories

Love Story: Noelle & Nick

I used to shoot engagement photos as an easy/relaxed/fun way to get to know couples before their wedding day. I thought of it as a dress rehearsal before the real thing. While this is still true, these past few years I’ve been trying to fine tune them for more authenticity. How do I allow a couple to be seen in their own unique way, within a condensed time frame? Some nights I sit with a notebook, brainstorming how to evoke photographs that are both artful, and, don’t look like a photographer set up the pose. It goes beyond movement and good light. It’s about capturing emotion and unique connection that is felt even from a stranger viewing the photo.

We give prompts and play games so everyone has fun, but, I’ve also been taking special care to make sure the pictures are honest…something that they could be doing on any given date night. Recently I hung out with Noelle & Nick at some of their favorite spots and was blown away by how they were game for anything! I think we got a true look at how fun and loving they are…

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