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Katie & Kris: Harts Hill Wedding

He met her at an ice cream stand. Kris noticed Katie’s breathtaking beauty immediately — her gorgeous red hair and contagious smile — but was shy to approach. The thing is, it’s hard not to notice Kris. He’s tall, handsome, with an equally mesmerizing smile that disarms you instantly. (And, those dimples…come on!) Ice cream […]

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As wedding season closes, I find myself existing in a bittersweet melancholy. Truth? I am obsessed with wedding season. I love the intensity of it. I love shooting for 15 hours a day. I still have moments when I cannot believe I’m able to make a living at this. But, if I’m totally honest, I’m exhausted. […]

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Friday Randoms, Vol. 59

Hey turkeys! Let’s get the Randoms going with my absurd harrowing experience with wild turkeys on a jog this week. I stopped for a second (I swear) to get a photo and they quickly approached. Within seconds, I started sprinting away. While I’m doing the best mile time of my life, these guys are jogging […]

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