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Love Story: Rebecca and Braden

As it often happens, it was with one e-mail that these two suddenly dropped into my life. With them, came a spectacular light that radiates wherever they go. I don’t know how I get SO lucky working with couples like Rebecca and Braden. Before they even chose me, we grabbed a dinner and chatted about their wedding day and I felt as if I knew them for years. You know those initial meet ups where you talk too much and you laugh too hard? Yeah, that’s me. Awkward level 10. They accepted me anyway! We met again for their engagement session and it was clear their vibe is just “let’s-have-fun-and-we-are-up-for-anything!” My kind of people. So, off we went.

That unabashedly carefree spirit? Well, it’s always present. It doesn’t matter where we wander or how great the scenery is because that inner brightness translates into beautiful and authentic imagery. I really have nothing to do with it. When you bare your silly souls, magic just happens! A few favorites from their gorgeous session in the always scenic Herkimer County…

Herkimer County Engagement Shoot 9Herkimer County Engagement Shoot 8Herkimer County Engagement Shoot 7Herkimer County Engagement Shoot 6Herkimer County Engagement Shoot 5Herkimer County Engagement Shoot 4Herkimer County Engagement Shoot 3Herkimer County Engagement Shoot 2

This! This last image…you can’t see their faces but you can feel their connection. It’s just this spontaneous moment that unfolded, my favorite picture of the session. It’s so them…Braden being hilarious and lifting Rebecca up, she’s laughing the entire time.

Perfectly unposed.

Herkimer County Engagement Shoot 1

Rebecca & Braden, you know much I am counting down the days until the wedding, judging from the amount of texts I have sent you! You have a beautiful relationship and I’m so honored I get to document it!


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  • Marcia Goodale
    July 20, 2017 at 1:23 am

    Beautiful shots!
    You captured all there is to say about Braden and Becky! ❤️
    Two very special people.