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Love Story: Sarah & Luke

I knew Sarah was beautiful before I even met her. Her warmth and fun spirit took ahold of me right through our e-mails! In person, Sarah and Luke are a delight. Engagement shoots are the best when everyone involved is just willing to go for it. Embrace the silly, have fun, don’t get too caught up how you look and let the pics fall where they may! These two are so much fun together and they were up for anything! (It’s not easy to dance in front of strangers, readers!) I think their relaxed personalities and joy just being around each other is palpable.

A few faves from our wanderings at Huyck Preserve

SL Blog 01SL Blog 02SL Blog 03SL Blog 04SL Blog 05

OMG this sunset light!

SL Blog 06

Y’all know by now I love up close and personal cuddle photos…

SL Blog 07

Ok so full disclosure…I am COMPLETELY geographically challenged. It is BAD.¬†Soooo I asked Sarah and Luke if they wouldn’t mind driving around to find this field I thought I saw. I wanted to back-track but had no idea really where it was, I didn’t even remember which direction I came in from (I follow my savior GPS). They followed me around until I found it and I am so grateful for couples with this much grace and spontaneity. We discovered it and it was GUH-LOOOORIOUS!!!!

SL Blog 08SL Blog 09SL Blog 10

Sarah and Luke, your love is so beautiful. Thank you for choosing me to document it!

Special thanks to Sarah’s gorgeous makeup by Splash Spa Rivers Casino!


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  • Laura eannace
    August 17, 2017 at 11:10 am

    So absolutely beautiful! You caught everything about them so well!