Love Stories

Love Story: Melissa & Tim

I’ve said this about ten thousand times in real life and on the blog…but may I just repeat…we have had some GREAT weather and some AMAZING sunsets this autumn! Then I get a couple like Melissa and Tim, who are totally up for anything and having fun while doing it! Life made! We started off shooting over at Papermill Island, but there was about 4 million (more or less, I didn’t count them all 😉 ) birds there and I asked them if they wouldn’t mind driving around a little to find some more good light. I like every single frame we took, both in Baldwinsville and this crazy awesome field we found after!

Anyone who shows up to the engagement session gets photographed…even geese!

Melissa & Tim, thank you for your joy and infectious smiles! (If we have half this sunset at the wedding I’ll be a happy camper!)



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