Family Documentary

Family Documentary: Boston, MA

I am continually thankful for families who allow me to capture how their life really is. The worn furniture, the mismatched clothes, the toys in the crevices of a well-lived home. It’s beautiful. It’s real.

To me, family isn’t dressing in matching outfits, going to a place you’ve never been and posing on a velvet couch in a field. Nope, a family’s legacy takes root in a home. A messy space meant for living, laughing and loving. I love that a photograph is valuable not only in the subjects it showcases, but the little items in the background that also spark memories.

Decades from now I want my clients to remember the way that old carpet felt on their bare feet or how it felt to chase around the pet through the cramped hallways. In-home sessions fuel my photographic soul.

I can’t thank this family enough for welcoming me into their honest life…

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  • dorothea palladino
    April 20, 2018 at 9:50 am

    hi Erin, hope you are well!! Just came across your name as a friend on our son Terry’s facebook page and just wanted to say hi. Sunday is Nick’s 40th b day and i need to look at your beautiful wedding pictures which i haven’t looked at in a bit. just saw the beautiful pictures of the family from Boston. that little girl is too adorable!!! have a great weekend!! dorothea palladino