Cookie Expeditions

Some people dream about climbing Everest. Others want to go skydiving before they die. Me? Well, I had a much loftier vision: To create the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

It took me over a year, dozens of recipes, and about a hundred baking sessions to figure out textures and taste. (Above photo is the NY Times recipe, below is mine)

A warning before I release my special recipe. This is a really soft, gooey cookie. If you’re into crispy and thin, run along now, this ain’t for amateurs. Also, when I tell you that this can’t be made in a day, it is non-negotiable! You must, yes, MUST…leave the dough overnight for 24 hours. Do not sass me. I am pumped full of sugar and in no mood!

My favorite recipe:

Fellow sugar lovers, enjoy!

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