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  • Love Stories

    Love Story: Kathleen & Matt

    On a blustery winter day in Skaneateles, we managed to sneak in a few photos and a lot of laughs. Kathleen and Matt braved the freezing temperatures to wander around one…

  • Weddings

    Stephany & Mike: Valley View Wedding

    Over the course of a year leading up to photographing a couple’s wedding, there are in-person meet ups, plus tons of texts and e-mails. With each communication, you really get a…

  • Love Stories

    Love Story: MiKayla & Brandon

    You can spot best friends a mile away. They’re unafraid to be themselves, they tease each other, they laugh unabashedly…but most of all, they embrace the moment because they’re in it…

  • Love Stories

    Love Story: Amanda & John

    On a freezing day, Amanda and John found ways to laugh and have fun as the sun set behind Hamilton College. There is so much beauty in snuggling. In wandering around…

  • Love Stories

    Love Story: Jackie & Zack

    Winter…you saucy minx…I just never know what I’m going to get! It could be below zero or it could be quite balmy…and it can all change quite quickly! One thing is…